Anchor Dream Meaning

Meaning of Dreams about Anchor

Anchor Dream Meaning

Psychological meaning: You may be looking for greater security as an anchor represents a stabilising force. It may also symbolise an influence in your life that brings greater steadfastness and strength. For a career person it can show a desire to be the ‘anchor man’ (or woman).

Alternatively, the anchor may represent something negative that is holding you back and restraining your freedom. For example, you may feel shackled to a relationship that isn’t working or feel tied to an emotional problem. A Freudian psychologist may interpret the dream as being chained to your dependency on your mother. (The sea can symbolise the mother.)

Anchor Dream Meaning

Mystical meaning: An old superstition states that if a girl dreams of an anchor one of her children will choose a life as a sailor. It is also favourable for a sailor to dream of an anchor. For the rest of us, it means a change of residence or foreign travel. Generally it is considered a good omen but if the anchor is in the water or partly hidden in any way then expect disappointment.

Anchor Dream Meaning
Dreams about anchors may reveal your need for security

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  • Jennifer Apr 30, 2018, 8:22 pm

    The anchor I saw in my dream was suspended by cables in the sky. I don’t know where the cables originated from, they extended from infinity.The huge anchor appeared instantly in the sky and a large passenger plane with big windows was flying in the air space. The passengers were mostly women and they saw the anchor and were terrified and were screaming. The plane had to maneuver quickly and narrowly missed hitting it. The passengers were tossed around like clothes in a dryer and there were many painful injuries.

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