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Altar Dream Meaning

Dream Meaning: Altar

Altar Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning:

From a religious standpoint, the altar can have a number of meanings. Firstly, it is a place of sacrifice so the dream may symbolise a personal sacrifice you have made or intend to make. Or it may mean that you have sacrificed something within yourself: something within you must die if a new, happy life is to born.

For example, you may sacrifice the ego so that more sincere feelings can manifest in your life. In addition, the altar may symbolise the wedding of the unconscious and conscious mind- the union of opposites that compensates for the development of a one-sided personality. Another interpretation may be that it symbolises the consecration of something you deem sacred.

Many dreams express themselves with puns. Maybe the dream is suggesting that you should ‘alter’ your plans?

Altar Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning:

To dream you are inside a church is usually considered a bad omen. It warns of error and repentance. To see a priest at the altar warns of quarrels and problems at home or with a business. However to see a church from the outside brings good fortune and blessing.

In the ancient world, the Oracle at Delphi was the place where noblemen, generals and leaders would go to ask the sibyl for a prophecy of the future. This dream may be referencing the fact that your dream is an indication of future conditions or a hint at what may come to pass. A dream oracle remember only shows the potential for the future rather than an actual outcome. We have free will so what comes to pass is ultimately up to you. The dream oracle however may help you to become one step ahead of future conditions.

A dream about an altar may symbolise an emotional sacrifice

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