Alien Dream Meaning

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Meaning of Dreams about Aliens

Alien Dream Meaning Psychological meaning:

Given that you have not been adducted during the night, to dream of an alien indicates that you have encountered part of the psyche which is unfamiliar to you. You may feel that this ‘unfamiliar’ part of yourself is hostile or an enemy.

Your first step should be to find out what this ‘foreign’ part of yourself is and get to know this neglected aspect of yourself. For example, you may be behaving in ways that are ‘alien’ to you or have feelings that are ‘unlike you’. It is unhealthy to repress or neglect these components of your nature.

What at first appears as frightening because of its unfamiliarity may in time become a mentor and ally. This alter-ego may have something good to offer you. Also, the alien may represent a situation you have recently experienced. When we start a new job we may at first feel ‘alienated’ or you may feel that you are like an outsider. Alternatively, you may feel emotionally in another world to everyone else.

Alien Dream Meaning Mystical meaning:

Aliens are (arguably) a product of the modern times, so there are no traditional folklore interpretations for this dream.

Alien Dream Meaning
A dream about meeting aliens may indicate you are discovering something new about yourself

Would you like to know more? This is an extract from my book The Hidden Meaning of Dreams – by Craig Hamilton-Parker (Sterling Publishing) ISBN 0-806-7773-6 You can buy copies from my Dream Books page.

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Only dreams that are on this topic about aliens, space ships, visitors from outer space etc. will be included. If you have a dream with another theme please first consult on our online dream dictionary to find a suitable post.

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  • Sophia Jun 18, 2019, 11:00 pm

    I dream about aliens where chasing me and thy try to kill me and all the people around that they pass

  • K Mar 26, 2019, 11:49 pm

    One reoccurring dream I have, which I had last night. Is where I’m in my hometown at night, in my moms house and all the lights are off, theres a huge feeling of panic and “everyone” has to hide but for some reason it only seems i am there but it feels like there’s a lot of people (so weird). Pretty much the whole dream is me hiding from swarms of UFO that are searching for people(never any actual aliens) and being so scared that it feels like a real life or death situation. Im so relieved when i finally wake up, but I cant get my mind off it for the rest of the day. I’ve looked on the web for something similar to my experience but can never find anything, I feel like it would have to be important if it happens to me alot

  • Stephanie Feb 8, 2019, 10:56 pm

    For may years, everytime I dreamed of aliens, one of my sisters was pregnant. I predicted my first seven nieces/nephews. After a concussion, that doesn’t happen anymore. Now, I dream I see ships and know they are looking for me so I hide.

  • Meris Jan 19, 2019, 6:06 pm

    I had this dream last night and I was at my house with my mom and one of my classmate that I didn’t know too well was there too and then she was gone all of a sudden and then we saw a creepy figure stand under a streetlight. (btw, we are on the porch.) and she kept coming closer and closer when we weren’t looking and then she stopped at the porch and sat down. She had a thick sweater and a beanie on and had short grayish brown hair and I thought she was an alien but she really could he anything. I just had this very strong feeling when I woke up that it was an alien. I tried pulling off the beanie and it stuck to her head in the middle for some reason and she continued to act calm and sit there. Then I tried tugging at her hair for some reason which probably was a stupid idea. And then there is just an empty space in the middle of this. Then I was at my the end of the street and my brother’s car was sitting there with the driver’s car door open and the trunk open. And then another…

  • Gary Dec 9, 2018, 4:39 pm

    My dream Was the same dream at least once or twice a year for about eight years s was the same dream at least once or twice a year for about eight year span except for the last dream I had All my dreams except for the last one was seeing ufo up close at night brilliantly lite it seems like it was always the beginning of them arriving The last dream I had was talking to One of them He told me about five past civilization docume she told me about five past civilizations of earth show me on the screen images of them Then showed me his change the look like a computer mainframe 10 showed me is change the look like a computer mainframe which explains all the great scholars of thinkers all gave them selves to be downloaded into it to help Guide their civilization A chance for that person to live forever In like kind of a matrix That all civilizations comes to a point that get harvest In restart it over In less they can get to a certain level It would continue to…

  • Khloey Nov 25, 2018, 8:53 am

    Hello my dream wasn’t scary at all not one bit I was happy and felt amazing I was trying to explain to my friend about all these powers I have like how I can hover and read people and a bunch of other things I really can do in real life and he already knew then I showed him underneath my jacket and it was an alien growing as part of me or it was I it was part of me and I was giving life to it I remember it so clear it was growing out of like half my body from my abdomen to just below my shoulder chest area and I was like its mother or keeper but it couldn’t survive with out me I was part of it and it was part of me and I was so happy and excited please someone explain to am I crazy maybe I am a alien cause I know things that I shouldn’t about how this planet really came here and all kinds of things and I’m not crazy trust me well I am crazy but not mentally crazy lol

  • Kayla Nov 18, 2018, 5:28 pm

    I dreamed that I saw these lights in the sky that like the ones people would see and I could see the space ships as well they were circular and flying around as if playing or something. I was with other people though and we were walking to to talk to some other people but than I guess we panicked as we seen one of them get closer to us so we tried to run inside but they were already here. I think they had called out to us to, though we werent scared, come back as we walked back to them they looked human. They would pick some of us to go with them but not all of us got to. Some reason I really Want d to go with them as I rememeber saying “maybe next time”, but afterwards they had left and I guess a bigger ship that was long came and shined a light down as if looking around and then left…

  • David Nov 12, 2018, 12:14 pm

    I still remember that I was dreaming about a city that I could control and shape with my mind. There were also many people in my dream. The city had a futuristic feel, like it was from the future or other place. Some people in the dream were familiar faces, but the dream seemed to be overwhelmingly full of strangers. There seemed to be millions of people in this city and at one point I was able to see them all, like I was standing in a tall building overlooking the entire area. I then remember walking amongst the people and seemed to experience the alien encounter from my own p.o.v. The alien seemed to stand out at first, as if I knew everyone passing by except this foreign creature. I was not afraid and felt a peaceful calm in my dream when I was approached by the alien. The alien spoke to me in a friendly manner and I remember it saying that I had an amazing mind. It seemed very vivid and real. This dream took place almost a year ago but it still sticks with me. I think it’s…

  • Daisy Sep 4, 2018, 4:34 am

    It was a dark, gloomy, greenish air . I was in a forest ? Park? Maze? Or something I was running away from something or running to find a wait out. I’m not too short . I remember I was running with someone but they where ahead of me. When I saw 3 little figures looking at me. They where the size of maybe 2 or 3 ft tall. It was kinda hard to see because of the atmosphere, they look kinda grey, big ol’ eye (like grey aliens I guess but smaller). There was this broken fence between us . I notice them getting closer to me . They where walking together and kinda wabbeling around , mostly their head was but like slow motion kinda. I looked at them and I told my self , oh hell nahhh ! I was confused as f**k . I was going to keep running but something told me to wait. My intuition ? Maybe it was them through my mind ? So I stay and got closer to the fence , I reached out my hand and they reached one of theirs hand. We touched and I woke up confuessed around 4 am …

  • Ashley Aug 22, 2018, 12:09 pm

    I had a dream this morning that aliens were invading my hometown and the police or some special agency was blocking off city exits. I gathered a bunch of people into a house because it didn’t seem safe to be outside. I just so happen to have looked out the window at the perfect time to see the alien life form in the sky. They spoke and then did some kind of mind alteration that caused everyone to pause in a controlled way. I noticed the only way to avoid that was to use meditative mind force.

  • mwesigye john ruziro Aug 4, 2018, 10:05 am

    last night i dream about aliens that they coming on earth and that every body was asleep
    and those who were asleep did not weak up and did not see them.

  • Maria Jul 14, 2018, 4:50 pm

    I had a dream that I was in my elementary school, and we had a project. We were supposed to draw aliens, and then we we’re supposed to write a paper. I was drawing this alien during recess, and that’s why I’m here.

  • anonymous Jul 6, 2018, 3:17 pm

    i had a dream that aliens were invading. There were these light gun things that like shot light at them and it killed them. We went on the streets bc our home was no longer safe. We seen one down the street from us. it started to follow us but then a cop came by and hit it. We went into the stadium but in my dream the stadium had a roof over it and there was like a pool in the next room. So as we’re in there it’s like alien free and then all of the sudden a lot of them start barging in. I broke the fence behind us down and then we’re in the pool area and they’re coming in every single exit possible. people are just dying they have them in the pool trying to drown them and stuff. One comes up to me and is trying to like stomp on my feet and i punch it in the face and then try using my light gun but it wouldn’t work. Then it goes over to my mom and is trying to step on her feet and stuff and then pulls her into the water with it. She said something but i can’t remember what. i’m just…

  • Khadeesha Jun 4, 2018, 12:13 pm

    I was with my fiancé and we had just moved back to Phoenix AZ and he wanted to show me this location where the houses were built and you had your own personal lake and we got out the car and started walking and as we were walking up we seen big fish coming out the water getting stuck and I said look bae there is some good eating he said nah bae and started laughing and then we hear something as if it’s fussing and this green person that look like the green giant but with orange hair and long eyelashes fussing at appear to be a vehicle of some sort I yell at her and she she sees me and walk towards me and I say something back and she cuts her eye and my fiancé is reaching down towards to help lift me up and laughs because he see her and me engaging she cuts her eyes at me I’m assuming I said something offensive but made sense and I wake up

  • Sumanbalajee May 29, 2018, 10:36 pm

    Hai. Today I got a dream of alien. Actually in my dream I saw something very scary. My dreams starts like this, we are sitting out side our house and we all say a sand cyclone and it looks like a sand tsunami. We all get into the house and we saw what is going on outside. After some time we went out to see what happened. There we saw an cylindrical shape alien space ship coming from The sky. The real size of that alien space ship will be 3 km radius and Un measurable height which move towards the land. I did ease any alien but I saw a huge space ship landing on earth from a very long distance. Next I saw a high tech world with silence and latest mew technology and equipments. E

  • sara May 28, 2018, 10:54 am

    i dreamed of an evasion and that we had two minute to unscrable what the aliens did to the kids and it wad like deja vu insude my drean because i woukd say deja vu n see the dog comeing out and saying we have 2 min till they come again abd get my mom

  • sara May 27, 2018, 11:03 pm

    my dram last night were aliens in the sky and i pointed out and then mrr camr it was like an invasiion amd that we were guardibg house or somethibg a x e 2 min we would hack
    to unscrable there head tje kids and adults they had and it was like dejavu for me in the dream because of the dog and what i jad said right after that we only have 2 min before they come bacl and tvke my mom and tgen i wake upe it 515

  • sara May 27, 2018, 11:01 pm

    my dram last night were aliens in the sky and i pointed out and then mrr camr it was like an invasiion amd that we were guardibg house or somethibg a x e 2 min we would hack
    to unscrable there head tje kids and adults they had and it was like dejavu for me in the dream because of the dog and what i jad said right after that we only have 2 min before they come bacl and tvke my mom and tgen i wake upe

  • Emily May 18, 2018, 12:22 am

    I have had this really strange dream twice only, but….it made me feel….uncomfortable. And to this day, it still does. I’m not sure weather the creatures in my dream were aliens, but…. what happens in my dream is that this girl (and no, I do not know who she is) is standing in front of a hair dresser, when she drops her hairbrush behind the dresser. Then, she hears that the hairbrush never made the sound of scratching against the dresser and the wall. She realizes that there was a hole behind the dresser, so, instinctively, she moved the dresser out of the way to see the hole and its size. When she saw that she could fit through it, she of course went through it. When she got to the other side, she saw this “room” filled with hundreds of these robot/alien-looking-like creatures. Then, she got close to one of the “machines” and touched it, it “turned on” and sucked her “life force” out. When it was finished, it ate her body and “shared” it with the rest of the…

  • Andrew Apr 9, 2018, 5:22 pm

    I had dreams when I was a teenager that I was approached and held down while I was sleeping, and they injected something in me. Idk what they did but seemed like the first injection was to paralyze me. Then I couldn’t move to see what else they did. Really strange, dreams happened for about a month. Same dream.

  • Becca Apr 6, 2018, 5:19 am

    I’ve recently had 2 dreams about aliens that I can recall the first one I was driving down the road and saw a pack of aliens walking from there wrecked ufo. I pointed and said “HA, I knew u were real.” At that point the alien looked at me and my car stoped as if it had hit a wall. The 2nd one was more vivid and I can remember more of it. I was at a store with my bf and we had figured out a way to scam a claw game then we left and found an awesome jacket on the ground with money in it and proceeded to get in the car and start to head home and then like magic my car teleported to the same road I was one in my first
    dream where I saw the aliens. And my bf was no long in the car. There was an alien in the road who basically stopped my and told me to follow him so i did to an old house where there were aliens and just regular ppl. They told me that the world would end and they needed all of our help. Everyone loaded up in cars and we went to this water pump type thing and filled these…

  • Lindsey Apr 2, 2018, 11:10 pm

    I had a dream that I was in a store with my friends. We were having a decent time but then everyone started throwing up. I knew something was off but I didn’t think it was an illness like flu. The lights started flickering. I felt scared. I knew, even though my brain kept pushing the thought out. This wasn’t a human cause. I was so terrified of the unknown. Something foreign was making us feel different and the earth elements were reacting to the terrestrial objects.
    Within a second everyone started levitating. I was the last off of the ground. At first I thought it was a rapture but as time continues I knew it wasn’t something man-made-up. Another species had come to take our planet.

  • Samin Mar 25, 2018, 8:50 pm

    I had a dream about aliens 3 nights ago. I saw 7 man with blach suit who stood infront of the door, and they look me and try to catch me but i closed the door then i wake up, im really scare about them because when i was at the yard i saw a man behind the window im really feel fear

  • Archita Mar 24, 2018, 5:45 am

    I dreamt about alien attacked earth and only those people who were inside the room were safe. Everyone around me were taken by them after that they stopped attacking and people again return to their own life from inside the earth and this tym they were young and healthy. They Infact took cows, and other animals.

  • Haduwe Young Mar 4, 2018, 5:27 pm

    Lately I’ve been having the most vivid dreams. I just woke up terrified after dreaming about an alien creature. In the dream, I had split up with my group of friends and I was going in circles in a grocery store looking at cakes and every time I decided on a cake in particular there were more and more damazed/empty spots. My cake choice was always gone but i really wanted cake lol..Yet every round I made by the cakes I would see this dark brown fur ball hanging like a bat on the edge of the aisle. Looked like a wool sock rolled up in a features or limbs. It made me uneasy but it didn’t harm anyone and no one saw it but me and my pet hamster (who in the dream was perched on my shoulder the entire time) on the 5th pass, my hamster for some unknown reason runs past me to the blurb and terrifyingly the sock’s “neck” elongates/stretches fluidly and snatches the hamster in it’s hidden jaws. I remember hearing the hamster squeal and thrash in pain as the alien creature…

  • J Mar 1, 2018, 8:26 pm

    Had a dream last night I was at work on a train we seen three what looked like people run in front of our train then disappear in the woods. Our train stopped and my window was opened and a alien or whatever it was popped up touch me I felt stunned or electricuted and woke up couldn’t move for a few minutes

  • marco Feb 20, 2018, 12:23 am

    i enter a room people around a table one his and allien im a little disturbe.but the other reashure me that its ok.then i wake up in the morning my corenter tells me that he thinks he saw allien in the sky that night. wow!

  • Angel Feb 16, 2018, 7:52 am

    I dream of aliens killing humans and I with small group that struggles to survive then I end up running away from one trying to kill me and I end up in barren, ruins parts of earth all alone and I always mange to escape but can’t conquers the aliens and wake up

  • Karen Feb 2, 2018, 1:03 pm

    My friend was standing out on the other side of the door taking pic while I was on the other side of the door getting attack my the alien and it bit part of my skin off but I end up killing the alien at the end and woke up from my dream. What does it mean.

  • Neisha Feb 1, 2018, 5:18 pm

    Last night I had a dream that aliens had landed on earth and the whole dream it felt like a terrifying threat that they were there. In the dream my family and some of my friends all got together in one room at my house because we were sacred to sleep alone, a little while later, my brother and I decided to go out to see what the aliens wanted and to possibly get rid of them, and while we were there some alien touched my upper thigh/right under my butt with his finger and said something scary. After that, we decided to go back home for the night. Once I got into bed and started drifting off, a big headed grey alien comes into my room and tried to lay next to me in bed and I got really scared and terrified so much that it almost felt real. I told him many times to go away but he wouldn’t go and he just stayed there for a long while. Eventually, I got up to let my cat out of my room and for some reason I knew that the time was 7:30am (I let my cat out because she was screaming a lot)…

  • Marshal Jan 25, 2018, 11:48 pm

    Last night I dreamt of a really large UFO that looked like an expressionless face, eyes closed etc. I looked around me to see a post-apocalyptic land. Just hovering around. I begged it to take me with it (for some odd reason), it then hovered over me and then shot off into the sky. I guess I wasn’t “worthy enough”. That’s all I can remember.

  • horrified Jan 15, 2018, 3:14 pm

    I had a dream last night. Humans were living together in small groups for survival. We had no power. It was chaos and anarchy. Rule breaking and partying. So it must have recently occured but long enough that things had truly changed for good. Something happened I dont quite remember and thousands of us had gathered into a main city area. My children were suddenly gone and above me. floating yet standing. With the other children. As if inside an invisible dome far above us. We all heard a loud high pitched ring. Then our hearing was gone. We panicked. I could hear nothing. I saw someone point and I looked. Grabbed my husbands arm in terror as a square black opening in the sky emerged. Hundreds of machines started to fly at us very quickly. They had a diamond shaped center and three pieces of metal that stuck off with diamond shapes at the end of each extension. As they emerged I felt high heat in my reproductive organs. Then balls of light started to shoot out of the ships. It…

  • Brayden Jan 7, 2018, 8:21 pm

    I had a dream I was t a party and my friends were out on the verandah and I was inside slow drunk and not really with it, there were all these weird looking Gothibc kids inside and they would come up to me and say ‘watch. What we can do,’ theyd stare me in my eyes and smile on while they’re eyes turned so black like super black and quadrupled In size, it was almost hypnotic, so I stumbled to the verandah and all my friends had normal eyes but seemed like they were knew what I saw but pretended like they had no idea, getting dreams like this alot lately and always waking up around 3am – and 3:20am

  • Katt Jan 4, 2018, 2:22 am

    Had a dream a alien ship was in area
    Than I’m in car with men in suits
    They tell me I’m an alien and I have to go home
    I tell them I’m not alien and this is my home

  • Caitlin Dec 11, 2017, 10:32 pm

    I had a dream at school where I was playing sardines with the WHOLE school with clues but there were also aliens trying to kill us all and see my best friend resently went on the holiday and left school early so she wasn’t in the dream. My dreams have always revolves around my school, usually in present day. I never go back or fordward in time and I don’t think I have ever had a dream at my house. I’m not sure if that means something?? For example, I visited my grandma house in a dream when I was 8 then got attacked by robots, and also I had a dream about how my whole year group had a sleepover At school in the changing rooms

  • Parry Dec 4, 2017, 5:34 pm

    Last night I jad dreamt my girlfriend and I had consented to an alien monitoring program. I was the second subject to this in the dream. The program entailed a special protection protocol where an assigned alien would monitor all out movements and anytime we could potentially put our own lives in danger. If by chance we even wanted to kill our selves the alien would physically incapacitate us from doing so. The alien had a job to do and it was only one that was to visit us each and every night to do a thorough examination. This examination would no doubt be scary but we had given our consent already and there was no way out. It would start first by freezing our ability to move then lifting us into the air via levitation one at a time taking only a few moments to psychicly evaluate what to me was unknown. I would ask the alien questions like its name on a few occasions but it never gave me one, the alien seemed to be friendly, or at least understood that this might seem frightening, so…

  • Deyona Nov 25, 2017, 12:44 pm

    I don’t even like hora movies are science fiction. This must been my 5th alien dream. And it’s never a nightmare. But this last one was interesting because the alien fell from the sky and it was lost and crashed her ship for some reason she was a sparkly and shine gentle something. She asked me where to go and to hide. She and I’m fixing her ship and then she was off into the night sky. And then I start to realize that I could look at night sky and connect every Star and planet in the universe and fine where I’m going.

  • Sofia Nov 20, 2017, 6:28 pm

    I had a dream about aliens. Their were alind space ships & like the main main aliens space ship. The aliens space ships were having a war with other space ship. They abducted me & my friends . & then i woke up

  • 1991 Nov 12, 2017, 12:39 am

    Please help, I have had night terrors
    Since young but I have had a miningrey visit me a few times now
    Chasing me and fearing me he has told me things that I can’t understand I can’t sleep at night because I keep waking to my terror… also have marks on my body which are unexplainable..

  • Hayatt Sep 19, 2017, 12:51 am

    I had a dream where I and my family were moving to Mars for a ‘vacation’ and when we got there I remember my aunt saying “have you guys seen the view?” as she was referring to space. Time skip to nighttime, me and my dad were sitting on a bench in the city of Mars. Everything was lit up, there was music playing, and people were partying. I looked to my dad and asked him “where are the aliens?” he replied to me saying “they are out there,” pointing to outer space “they are interfering with our signals” (I guess like energy?) but he made it seem like a joke. All of a sudden the ‘barrier’ around Mars was starting to pixelate like pixel glitches. And the power starting to go out slowly and everyone was quiet. Then everything went black and I couldn’t move or speak.That’s when I woke up, I’m sorry it’s long but does anyone know what this could mean?

  • Cecilia Perez Sep 5, 2017, 5:30 pm

    I encountered my first alien dream last night, and I did not even see that one coming. Having an alien dream sounds like a pretty cool dream, but not when you feel like your dying. This is what happened. I was sitting in front of three computer screens and one of the screens started to act up, by the time I knew it, it was a scary figure of an alien, and he tried to take me into the screen, but at the same time it was like.. possessing my body and I was shaking and I felt like my body was literally moving and I woke up so scared at four in the morning. I was scared and the whole time I felt like there was something watching me in my room. I could not sleep, I was so paranoid. I kept turning on my flashlight everywhere 3 minutes. It really tripped me up because I’m almost 19. I shouldn’t be so afraid of a dream that felt so real.

  • Matthew campbell Aug 25, 2017, 10:13 am

    I had a dream once about a maniac who came running past me in to a large room. I followed him and he threw something at the cieling over and over until a whole appeared. Me him and another person entered it and where in a room with a large pillar in the middle. On side was a fence with an um opened door. The other was a balchony. At the balcony I saw people I knew and people I don’t all going past me. Sort of like I was on a craft and the world below was turning. I got up and exited the door. And woke up in front of me where two ubiquidous grey aliens and as my head cleared the dissapeared. They where in full colour. And I haven’t been able to explain this. Anyone with any info would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Hima Bindu Aug 4, 2017, 2:44 am

    I got a dream like an alien torturing my friend and some days later created a new family with my friend and then fighting against humans for to disappear the human life and some kings came to save us even though it’s not successful after my friend entered it to the fight and sacrificed her life to aliens then fight came to an end.

  • Cyn Jul 3, 2017, 12:28 am

    I had a dream that I was laughing and joking with tall stick figure aliens. I was having a good time with them. I wasn’t scared, but I want to know what this dream means.

  • Charity Jun 8, 2017, 4:03 pm

    I dreamt I cut an abcess out of my inner eyelid and it looked like a fetus. I tossed it in the trash and noticed it growing into a child. I held it and tried to get it to breathe. I woke up as I was breastfeeding it as i would my own. I believe i was abducted as a child and have had a tracking device found on my body. Possible this has deeper significance?

  • Unknown Apr 16, 2017, 3:23 am

    I have been having dreams about helping aliens who can’t speak, they can only communicate telepathically with me, they seem to be on the run from the government with government coded parts within theirs bodies to help them survive on earth.

  • Jaylyssa Feb 22, 2017, 9:47 am

    I had a dream about small aliens in their small ship…individually each alien came down from the sky invading the earth and started scanning people head with a red dot on the ppl head asking them questions the questions was to determine if the ppl were mentally strong or not and if they weren’t mentally strong enough ppl either they died or became dysfunctional basically retarted.

  • Lisa Feb 1, 2017, 12:36 am

    I had a dream where i was taken up on to a UFO and on board i was raped twice by a reptilian it felt so real i don’t understand why i am having these dreams but i wasn’t scared or anything they seem like friendly aliens ever since it happened i keep getting the feeling that i am being watch and followed it has been going on for months

  • keerthi Jan 9, 2017, 10:08 am

    i had a dream of helping an alien to get out of the well. when the alien asked help from me, the water in the well raised up and i took it out of the well.

  • Marvin Dec 28, 2016, 9:29 pm

    For the last couple of days I dreamed of a UFO flying around earth. It was huge. Then sometimes he fire lasers at the ground but then one day he fires blasts and destroyed some of the earth. Then I saw a wood block with the universe and it showed that earth was gonna be destroyed. Then the alien somehow wrote. “If Mars has enough space I’ll take some people to it”. The dream is scary. When I looked at the sky it was filled with blasts and weird colors.

  • Ali Dec 21, 2016, 9:07 am

    I had a dream that I walked out into a very overgrown field there was myself and 2 of 3 other family members as we started to get deeper into thd field we suddenly stopped as we were stunned at the sight of two dark aliens standing together very upright and straight facing us,we all start to run and lights (like from a plane u see in the sky at night )started to appear as we were running,the next thing I know is I am in an underground circular tunnel and thd rumbling and sound of feet got louder and louder ,I am now on my own at this point and crouch down and squeeze my eyes shut,the next thing I wake up and I am in a very large almost victorian style house but I am now a boy called William aged around 6/7 I’m starting to run from somebody but I am high up on thd building roof ,I decide to just close my eyes and jump!(I’m telling myself in my dream at this point that “mitts just a dream just jump”)mitts jump and next thing I’m sitting on a grassy area in a little boys sailer…

  • Desirae Nov 23, 2016, 10:41 pm

    I had a dream the other night that I was outside I can’t recall with who but I saw 3 to 5 ufos in the sky I got scared and tried to run but they had found me. I tried to kill it. It wasn’t a regular looking alien either it looked like a tallish alien squid….he stabbed me with this long knife and it didn’t hurt and it brought me to this other world and there were so many people there…..we all wore custom crystal head bands and we all sat around them as they taught us how to meditate, be peaceful, and humble….I felt so happy and everything was beautiful…I’m also very into consciousness and the universe…..I’ve saw ufos before green orbs of light it was amazing…..

  • Zane Nov 20, 2016, 12:41 pm

    I have had several dreams from since i started high school. They have been increasing since I graduated in 2011. In the latest dream I was suspended in a bright white light, and a vaguely familiar female voice said inside my head, “no screw ups this time we need him ready for Transference to one of the Cryo sleep bodies of his.” To me she said a name I don’t remember and told me “I have a serum I am injecting into you that will activate when needed most.” I woke up right after the bright light disappeared and it was 5am. My watch was frozen at 10:30pm.

    • tom Dec 12, 2017, 11:14 am

      Thats weird, how are you now?

  • Bonnie Nov 13, 2016, 12:05 am

    Last night I had a dream and it was so scary. All I remember was two limos colliding and then a flashing blind light all of a sudden me and my friend were in a UFO I couldn’t see the aliens but we were in the UFO in spinning around and around and it was like they hypnotized us and counted in an alien voice 1,2,3 and we slowly closed our eyes and flashing lights again then all of a sudden we were out of the UFO and the train to get to my hometown kept passing by but we couldn’t catch it for some reason like we were stuck. I woke up in a panic I couldn’t sleep and I’m still scared..

  • Crystene Jul 10, 2016, 4:56 am

    I had a dream that aliens came to the earth and were abducting humans ( taking over the earth). I was trying to run away but was taken by one. I was being held by one floating upwards into the sky. As this was happening, I was looking into the eye of the one holding me and I started morphing into what he looked like. It was very bizarre because I felt no fear at all. As I finished morphing I felt peace come over me and then I woke up suddenly. I can even draw what he looked like… It was very, very vivid!

  • Daniel Jan 18, 2016, 3:53 pm

    I had a dream last night I was helping someone find their parents because they were taken in the Roswell experiment(doesn’t really make sense I know) We break into this government site only to find nothing. As we’re back in his house all the screens go to one channel of humans with big black Grey eyes. They’re all just calmly saying “Kill me, oh God please kill me.” Freaked me out.

  • Shannon Jan 7, 2016, 2:46 pm

    In my dream I was part of a secret government organization which was designed to find and cover up paranormal phenomena. Apart from my group I found a small grey alien with some technology and a big book. I took him and hid him from everyone. Every day I would hang out with this alien and at first we were hostile and menacing toward each other but after some time we were good friends. He explained his species has traveled nearly everywhere and there’s few planets that can hold life so they are valuable. When they found earth they were angry its inhabitants were destroying it and were making plans to eradicate humanity to save the planet. The big book he had was plans of God himself to destroy us. Well the government found me and I had to flee and hide out in the old house I lived at. My fiance arrived and was being rude to me and when I hugged him I was forcing myself to smile. Afterwards, I was chatting with my alien and he explained that he can see peoples hearts and my fiancés.

  • Sharon Kirklen Dec 30, 2015, 9:26 pm

    Dreamed I was with a group of people and we were doing battle of some sort with reptilian aliens…..the aliens had implanted some kind of bugs in our noses and as we began winning the war with these aliens the bugs started coming out of our noses….this caused me to wake up….upon waking I saw a really tall skinny shadowy figure at the end of my bed and as I looked at it it ran to the bedroom door and disappeared….scared the crap out of me

  • Ryan Sep 26, 2015, 12:05 pm

    I keep dreaming that I am an alien, but I don’t know it till all these symptoms start to show up. Lose of nails, thick hair out my hands, fingers into pincers and try so hard to keep it hidden, but can’t.

  • Lisa May 20, 2015, 3:22 pm

    I had a dream I was talking to an alien. In my dream the alien told me that we need to take care of our earth because if we don’t something bad will happen to it soon. Then all of a sudden right after he told me this my husband woke up which woke me up and made me think it was coming true that the alien was really in my room. I want scared at all talking to him or when I thought it was in my room when I woke up. I’m really curious. Someone help please. Thanks in advance.

  • Elvira Rodriguez Mar 24, 2015, 1:57 pm

    I had a dream that aliens came to my room while I was sleeping I woke up when I heard them come in then they hold me down and put a needle next to my ribs and put something inside of me I was screaming trying to wake my husband up but he would not wake up . Then I woke up about 3 am I was scared and crying because it felt so real I was having pain in my chest and was felling like there was something moving inside of me .

  • Michelle Feb 10, 2015, 2:42 am

    When I was 11 yrs old I had my first paralysis dream in which I was paralyzed and then all of a sudden going through a white tunnel at the speed of light to “Wake up” and wonder if I was abducted. My 2nd paralysis dream was when I was 13/14 years old in which again I was paralyzed but this time I seen a black shadowed figure at the end of my bed just watching me while I struggle to move for my phone and I got it but then the light didn’t shine on and finally I “awoke.”

  • Shane Nov 6, 2014, 5:44 pm

    I had a dream of an alien race, that look human. First chunks of buildings were falling from the sky. Then I saw two groups of the alien army. One was in a bright blue and black, the other was green. I was scared at first, cause they were coming into my direction. I was trying to hide in between the pillars of a near by bridge from the fall debris. Then I sided with the blue army. We were heading for some kind of war.

  • Jake Oct 25, 2014, 6:28 pm

    It seemed so real. I was looking up at the stars from inside my semi truck and noticed something hovering around in the sky. I knew it was a flying saucer so I started filming it. Then it started coming my way and landed next to my truck. The ship was squarish in shape that had a landing gear made up of 3 tripod looking arms. I took off running to some random house that just appeared right in front of me. I went to the front door and pounded on it and a lady answered. I was panicking and scared shitless told her a flying saucer just landed next to my truck. We walked out to my truck and I seen the alien inside my truck. It seen me and rushed out of my truck and came up to me. It was light grey in color, with a bigger than normal head than a human head with big black eyes. He was about 5 ft tall and was wearing shorts and a polo shirt. He spoke English and when he was talking to me I noticed he had perfect straight white teeth. His voice sounded similar to E.T.s voice. He told me to…

    • Lily May 7, 2018, 6:09 pm

      Yes in my dream it was a square shaped spaceship to

  • Skye May 18, 2014, 2:45 am

    I am nearly 70 yrs old and have had alien dreams since my teens. They always have the theme of the earth is being destroyed by aliens and they are hunting down all the humans. I always awaken before any “final” solution. The aliens and/or the environments, or methods of destruction vary. . .but I always must “hide,” so they don’t find me. Sometimes there is a baby that I am holding that I must protect. The last dream I recently had contained a new component – the destruction consisted of huge tsunami type waves crashing over the planet and then slowly the water they left was being frozen. In my other dreams, often lizard-like creatures were hunting down all the humans. I even had one where it was set in like a Western town in the old days and they had on cowboy hats & wearing gun slings, but they had laser-like guns. I always awaken with heart pounding, remember the dreams and have dream “hangover” for a couple of days.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 12, 2014, 9:58 pm

      If this dream about aliens has reoccured throughout your life then it may point to a deep set psychological issue that you have not been able to resolve. The aliens may represent something from your childhood that was overwhelming emotionally and destroyed your sense of security.

    • sunrox Jul 29, 2015, 3:37 am

      Today I dreamt early morning about alien who was just staring at me but before that I have one more dream that sea is gone mad and water is flying and following me and other members we all are trying to hide and scared. This is the first time this alien dream I had. I had many bad dream about sea (something do really bad to me and always it true in near future).

    • Melissa Feb 13, 2018, 1:29 pm

      I have the exact same dream … almost every week !! Just no baby in my dream

  • bigg Aug 25, 2013, 11:43 am

    I had a dream about aliens last it was a pretty good one tho scary it was enjoyable. Reading this meaning made me me laugh for years apart from 3 when I was black ops for the government but I was freelance so doesn’t count I’ve been very anti-establishment now I’m employed directly by the government some of the way they work is just strange and foreign to me you could say alien so the answer tells me all I need to know thanks.

  • Korayma Aug 8, 2013, 6:32 pm

    I have been waking up in the middle of the night after I had a dream about aliens all confuse and scare. Like I’m in a ship and every time I would look out the window with a commander, I think, I see Earth in really bad shape, like instead of Earth being beautiful it’s destroy sort of. I’m just in the ship crying as if I lost my family that I care about. And I haven’t lost anybody or any pet. Then for some reason I would start going to earth with the aliens and fight along their side. Is there a specific meaning to this dream?

  • ashraf Dec 16, 2012, 10:32 am

    I dream of fighting with aliens and sometimes I dream of seeing aliens tracking me anywhere I hide. In one dream I see myself taking a picture of a UFO with my phone camera. One day I wanted to use my phone camera to take pic but it was not working yet before the dream the camera was working.

    • Katie Apr 28, 2018, 11:29 am

      I had a very similar dream. My dream stated off with me trying to take a pic of the moon covering the sun. Then it got bigger and bigger and before I knew it – it was a UFO/Alienship

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