Airplane Dream Meaning


Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Aeroplane Dream Meaning. Crashing, Missing, Flying.

Airplane Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning

To dream of being in an airplane may show you ‘rising above’ your troubles. It is a symbol of transcendence and may promise a release from a psychological or material difficulty.

The sky is a symbol of the expanded consciousness of the higher self: your aeroplane dream expresses your desire for greater awareness or spiritual knowledge.

An airport or the air journey itself may indicate a new departure in your life. This could include a new job, new relationship or an adventure. It is interesting to note that to a Freudian psychologist the airplane is a phallic symbol by virtue of its forceful penetrative motion. You may have high ambitions and want to progress in life swiftly. Airplanes are the quickest way to get to a destination. You want to achieve your goals as quickly and directly as possible. Alternatively, you may simply desire to travel or have a holiday.

If you dream of an airplane crashing then this can show that you are over ambitious and have set your sights too high. Materially or emotionally you may be expecting too much and have doubtsabout your ability to reach your set goals.

Aeroplane Dream Mystical Meaning

Most modern superstitions say that to dream of an airplane indicates that money is on its way. If you are the pilot then you will succeed in a business adventure. If the plane crashes then a business will fail.

The gypsies say that to dream of an airplane indicates that you must share your enterprises with your relations.

An airplane dream may mean that things are about to ‘take off’ for you

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  • sandra Nov 27, 2012, 5:57 am

    What if my dreams are about missing my flight back to my destination: to return work? What is that dream all about?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Nov 27, 2012, 12:25 pm

      Dreams about missing a flight to your work may reflect your inner fears that you are unable to cope with the pressure of work. Dreaming of missing an airplane flight is associated with similar feelings of panic you may get when missing a deadline at work. I think this dream shows that you are under a little too much pressure.

      • erin Jan 11, 2013, 5:35 pm

        I had a dream that I was in a plane with people. Everything was fine but the plane was going in a downhill slope. I said “this can’t be right” but everyone else in the plane seemed to be fine. The plane didn’t crash but went up. Then, we were flying really close over Rome and I could see distinct monuments (like St Peters, the Vatican, etc). Dream ends. What in the world could this mean? ]

        I have been to Rome before (for a summer program) and just recently saw the movie “flight.” The scene where they go downhill in the plane reminded me of my dream.

  • K Dec 1, 2012, 7:19 pm

    The dream I had was that my step father was flying the plane. I was the middle passenger and my mother was in the back we didn’t crash but there were two periods were the plane would go down in a rush. I could feel the gust of wind against my chest and I could see the water under the plane. We do have a lot of stuff going on in the home. I have a few issues with relationships and with people. Please decipher this dream.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 5, 2012, 12:22 pm

      Your step-father is flying the plane. You need to ask yourself what your step-father represents to you. The same qualities of his personality in you are driving your life forward. Do you like these qualities?

    • khanyisile Zulu Feb 1, 2013, 12:50 am

      I had a dream last night I was saw the aeroplane catch something next to me. Two times

    • carla davis Mar 2, 2013, 7:00 am

      For years I have had dreams of planes crashing and most of the time they are war planes. They are very realistic and I can always remember what these planes look like. Sometimes they crash into a house next to me and sometimes they are shooting at me and crashing into mountains and the mountains become massive flames. A few years ago i would cringe when i saw a plane flying lower than usual or hear one. I’m even scared to death of getting on a plane though my dreams are never about that

    • Lala Mar 7, 2013, 7:42 pm

      I had a dream that I was just alone on a plane it’s like I was in front of the pilot’s place but I was a passenger. And turbulence was occurring constantly and I can see big rocks on the way while the plane was moving and felt the turbulence. I really want to know what it means because I have been having that dream many times.

  • Virginia Rathke Dec 10, 2012, 10:42 pm

    I dreamt that I found myself in the cockpit of a United Airlines jet flying east. I didn’t know how to fly it. There were no dials or controls, just a silver dashboard with buttons I couldn’t read. The plane was flying over the ocean and huge waves were forming, I wondered if they would reach the plane. Then the plane approached mountains and flew into turbulence. I pushed a button to make an announcement to passengers that we were experiencing turbulence but would be through it soon. A woman entered the cockpit and told me I had not made the announcement correctly.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 25, 2012, 2:22 pm

      This dream highlights you lack of self confidence about a leadership task you have to accomplish.

  • Beverly Dec 11, 2012, 4:01 pm

    Last night I dreamed I was piloting a plane in flight and noticed that when I switched seats with the co-pilot the plane tilted and changed direction accordingly. Then I had us switch places again and I piloted the plane with confidence and no fear. I was flying the plane to accomplish a task under some kind of coersion.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 25, 2012, 2:20 pm

      You are dreaming about decisions and changes of direction you are making in your real life. Maybe you have had a promotion at work.

  • jessica knowlton Dec 12, 2012, 2:32 am

    My husband keeps having this dream where hes in a airplane where the pilot never takes off and its driving down the highway and not going anywhere in particular just curious what this may mean.

  • Lauren Stanford Dec 19, 2012, 6:30 am

    I am constantly having dreams that I miss my flights, and that there are LONG LONG lines to get through to get onto my airplane. Also, a lot of escalators going up and down and those little counter/skinny things that you have to go through at amusement parks. I ALWAYS miss my flights and I have been dying to know what the heck it means! Thank you!

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 25, 2012, 2:25 pm

      I think you feel that you keep missing opportunities in real life. It’s not just an amusement. Take things more seriously.

  • Terry Charles Dec 27, 2012, 3:24 am

    What about a dream where I am about to ride on a 2-man pedal-operated glider-type plane with a pilot who has never flown one before, but was completely confident in his ability to do so. The dream ended prior to actually taking off into flight.

  • Dani Allen Jan 9, 2013, 7:34 pm

    I had a dream that I was flying a plane, a private jet in particular, with a co-worker from a previous job and she was using the credentials of a different person – someone I know but she hasn’t met. We had children in the plane and we landed on a military base where we had to obtain licenses to proceed to our destination. I’m not sure where we were going. What does this mean?

  • Lynn Jan 17, 2013, 1:16 am

    I had a dream my sister and her husband were out here on the west coast visiting me and my mom and daughter. We went to a later movie than expected (because I was running late), and they ended up missing their flight. My mom told them to take the flight in the morning, but my sister’s husband wanted to take a flight that night, which was at 10PM. They ended up leaving and taking the 10PM flight, and the plane crashed and everyone aboard the plane died including my sister and her husband. The dream didn’t end was drawn out, and I was with family and friends in different situations, and kept having emotional breakdowns and yelling in agony that my sister was dead. Can you please tell me what this could mean?

  • Traci Feb 3, 2013, 8:49 am

    I have a recurring dream of being on a plane but it is not flying it is driving on the freeway, then I am at an airport and am running to catch my flight but I always miss it. What do you think it means?

  • Sue Feb 15, 2013, 5:45 pm

    I had a dream that a group of people were being chased (I was not in the group) by something that resembled a small tornado. It was getting closer and closer to them as they were running with all their might and they appeared very scared. I on the other hand was in an airplane watching them. What could this mean? I can not find any info on chase dreams whereas the dreamer is not part of the chase. Thank you…

  • Nicki Feb 20, 2013, 12:32 pm

    I dreamt that I was looking out of my bedroom window and saw a Thomson Plane really low and said it looks like its going to crash, then I see it disappear and explode and all the debris come hurtling towards me.

    I had difficulty sleeping the next night. it was really vivid…. seeing the blue of the plane and the name Thomson. I did say earlier in the day that its a wonder that the meteors that caused so much damage in Russia and the fireballs seen in the UK and America had not caused any planes to come down. We have booked our holiday with Thomsons.. so part of me is just thinking that it was all part of that .. my subconscious thought processes – what do you think?

    • Crystal Goodson Sep 18, 2013, 2:18 pm

      I dream that I was looking out my bedroom window and saw a low flying airplane.

  • Diane Feb 24, 2013, 2:39 am

    I dream that I am flying in a plane with other people looking at fantastic sites. I am taking pictures and is seems to be Northern Europe. I have a ticket for 4pm lunch and everybody else has an earlier ticket. Someone is telling me how to manipulate my time but the stewardess is watching so I cannot.

    I dream I am standing in a group of people who are talking about their status when I see an old man outside in the sloping dirt motioning for me to come over. There are two horses kicking up a fuss with two girls on their backs. The old man tells me to get on the brown horse. I am thinking high risk but decide to just do it. I get on the horse and we ride on with no fuss.

    Both dreams occurred the same morning.

  • rebecca Mar 21, 2013, 3:02 pm

    I had a dream my brother and I were in a virtual reality airplane riding over a beautiful ocean

  • Shannon Mar 24, 2013, 2:09 pm

    My dream was very real, very vivid in color and loud. I was on a plan with people I knew (not in real life.) We were flying lower than normal along a highway. All if the sudden I hear the pilot say he has plans to intentionally crash the plane. Not everyone heard him, and some didn’t believe me. So I braced myself for the rough landing. As we crashed, chunks of the plane were ripped off and a lot of people died instantly. I, however, unbuckled my seat belt climbed over the debris and got out if the plane as it blazed in fire. When I got out, I saw my brother and my dad. They had randomly been driving and met the crashing plane at an intersection. At the time they didn’t know I was on the plane, but had stopped to help. I can hardly describe the feeling I had as I watched the plane burn. Pain, disbelief that it had just happened, fear that I would never get over something so emotional, strength because I had survived.

    Any thoughts on what this could mean? This was one of those dreams that was so real it throws your whole day off.

  • Adam Fortey Mar 30, 2013, 1:23 pm

    On a big but 70s looking jet aeroplane. 70s as old and worn interior. With a few mates and no one else. Instead of the plane taking off, it runs along the motorway. Even leaps off one barrier and lands on a lower road!

  • Wendy Tuck Apr 6, 2013, 2:36 pm

    I dreamed I saw an airplane, suspended in air, not in flight. No one is on the plane – no pilot and no passengers. It is empty. The seats are outlined as with a black crayon- they have no substance. It feels empty, still, and silent

  • Hayley May 17, 2013, 7:23 am

    I had a disturbing dream I was with my grandmother who is 98 in her room she was doing her makeup when I heard a man yell out plane crash, it woke me up. A few weeks later I dreamed a woman with three eyes told me my father would die soon, I asked how and she said in a plane crash. My father jets off for Europe next month and I am sick in the stomach, was it a premonition, please help.

  • Tiffany May 18, 2013, 5:06 am

    I’m trying to figure out what my dream/nightmare meant. I was in a plane and it was going down, but never crashed. The whole time in this dream, the plane was on fire.

  • Nelmarie van der Merwe May 22, 2013, 9:24 am

    I had the weirdest dream before I woke up this morning – I dreamed that I was visiting with friends and the next minute we saw an Boeing airplane coming in from the right and I saw it crash to the left of my view. The next minute another one came and crashed and another one. I woke up just after that and it was thundering and lightning (a storm). So, maybe I heard that in my subconsciousness but I am curious to hear what crashing airplanes means.

  • Mari May 26, 2013, 3:49 pm

    I keep dreaming that I am in an airplane and we are flying to Louisiana for a family (funeral I think). Some of the people with me are dream family and some are strangers. And then My step-grandmother’s ridiculously overweight sister gets on. And we try over and over again but somehow the pilot can’t get the plane off the ground because it weighs too much. He eventually splits the passengers up into two planes but even after the woman is gone we always find a second even fatter person on board and the plane still won’t fly. In the end I always jump out of the plane at the last second and kill myself before we lift off because I feel it will crash anyways and I don’t want to be afraid anymore.

  • Kanyata Jun 18, 2013, 9:25 am

    I had a dream last night. In the dream I booked and bought two airplane tickets one to Cape Town in South Africa and another to a town in Zimbabwe. I live in Zambia. Both tickets were for the same day of travel. Then I found myself at the airport waiting to check in for the plane to Zimbabwe. Somehow the attendant delayed me until 15 minutes when he released me. Needless to say I could not board the plane because I needed at least one hour prior to boarding international flights. The attendant later changed my ticket date to a week later. Then I told myself that I could instead go to Cape Town. I then woke up. What could this mean?

  • Jay Lucianno Jun 30, 2013, 2:31 pm

    I have had the same dream frequently in the last couple of weeks: My wife and I are going on a trip and we get to the airport with enough time but not a ton of time. For some reason we lose track of time or waste time and I tell my wife to go ahead and she gets on the plane while I attend to something. I then have to rush to the counter and am told its too late to get on. I am then stuck at the airport with a terrible helpless feeling watching the plane take off and wondering what she will do by herself. I then wake up perspiring and run for the coffee maker!

  • Marziya Owen Jul 4, 2013, 3:36 am

    I dreamed I was above, don’t know where but I was looking down at a plane which appeared to have landed in the sea, it didn’t seem like it crashed, and most of it was submerged under water except for the head which was being pulled by a tugboat, the color was rusty ( reddish brown but spotted) and it seemed like a normal event I was not disturbed or bothered that it landed in the sea!

  • Jane Jul 9, 2013, 9:31 pm

    I got on a plan with my daughter and a friend. We were halfway into the journey when we would normally stop to refuel. We landed and exited the plane to see we had landed back home. The plane had been redirected and we were back at the start. I kept asking why this happened no one would say?

  • Kevin Aug 8, 2013, 11:06 am

    In my dream I saw a plane, at an airport. The plane was silver it touched down and parked up I recall asking myself where it was from and where it was heading to. I also walked up close to it, I remember wanting to ask someone more about it but I was the only one there.

  • Anthony Rhaney Aug 12, 2013, 8:57 am

    I dreamed myself and some people saw a plane crash and we ran over to help, I was rescuing people off the plane and I did not have on any shoes I was bare foot and the floor on the plane was hot but I would get people off in go back into the plane for others. The plane crashed in a park across the road from my house that I lived in on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. I remember in the dream thinking they are going to be calling you a hero but I didn’t want to be a hero.

  • Niamh Aug 13, 2013, 7:43 am

    I dreamed I was looking at about 10 low flying aircraft – the type that would have been around in World War 2. They were moving quite slowly

  • Hass Aug 14, 2013, 10:21 am

    I dreamed of flying back to my country. While I was on the plane I met my mate whom we were close friends back in high school. He was so rude and arrogant to me that I couldn’t believe that people would change so fast. All off a sudden I found my self already at my destination. I saw my father but then I though how come my father is here while I left him back where I came from, then I greeted him as normal. After that I saw my best friend in which he wasn’t expecting my arrival and he was so surprised to see me. I ran towards him and jumped on him to give him a hug and never wanted to let him go. Our life was so full of happiness to see each other after a very long time. Then I told him about the friend who was working on the plane and how he mistreated me. Later we went to the other friend’s house to complain to his mum how her son became so arrogant and told her that what goes around comes around. The whole dream looked real.

  • DT Aug 15, 2013, 11:30 pm

    This morning, I dreamt that I was on a plane on the way to some international youth conference. I stood up and walked to the first row, and sat on the left side window seat which I felt was nearest to the pilot.

    I sat down, and buckled up. While fastening the seat belt, the plane goes upside down. Although all passengers were taken by surprise, and even though I changed seats just then, I felt secure because of the seat belt I was wearing. It felt like the pilot was in control of the flight anyway, and that the plane was meant to fly upside down on the way to the country of its destination.

    Day turned to night so quickly, and I saw the city of a new country filled with so, so many buildings, and from the aerial view, the city was upside down. It seemed like there was no landing strip in that country, and our plane looked like it would hit a tower, but the pilot upon nearing the building took a nose dive straight to the ground, and just before it was about to hit the ground, it made a perfect, gentle landing.

    We all got off, and got accommodated in the pilot’s lounge… this is the first part of my dream.

  • Kat Aug 16, 2013, 5:04 pm

    My dream was my grandpa and I were in I thought was a plane but now that I think of it was probably a jet. We shot up into the sky so fast, but all of a sudden felt all this pressure on my neck and realized we were falling and turned over and asked my grandpa is this it are we falling. He just replied we’re are! I just stared forward. Then I woke up!

  • Musana Samuel Aug 18, 2013, 12:28 pm

    I dreamed of many airplanes in the sky.

  • Sarah Aug 24, 2013, 12:53 am

    I had a dream where a jumbo jet was coming towards my house and crashed into the houses next to mine and exploded after crashing after that I was outside to see the damage. Then I was back in bed trying to wake my husband cause it felt like I couldn’t breath. Then I woke up. What does this mean.

  • Gontse Kgosana Aug 27, 2013, 8:23 am

    I had a dream that I was in a foreign country, we were at the airport wearing white clothes.

  • Nicole Aug 28, 2013, 1:11 am

    My dream was that my mother, father, brother and I built an airplane from wood. My mom was the pilot and my dad and I were on the wings of the plan with lasso’s. My brother had to push the plane and jump on to get it to go while my mom got it in the air. The lasso’s my dad and I were holding were used to throw onto buildings and pull the airplane up and over as it would not go higher than the buildings themselves. Later in the dream I realize that this is a race and we were given limited funding to go from point A to point B. Two women that I knew in high school and haven’t talked to for 13 years also were part of this race and crashed and asked for money to help them get their plane fixed. I told them to talk to my brother who was in charge of our funds and then woke up.

  • Jenn Aug 28, 2013, 11:58 am

    My dream came in a set of three:
    I remember my youngest son on an airplane. The plane was going through a tunnel to get out to the open sky, and it seems as if me and my husband are in back, which seems like we’re walking in back of the airplane as its moving, it crashes before it gets outside. Right by where the airplane crashes was a TV that said the pilot lacked experience (as if it was the pilots voice saying he lacked experience). An old friend showed up and was comforting me and told me when she had another baby she wanted me to be the godmother.

    Then me and my husband were at my grandma’s house and I startled her because she didn’t know I was there. I went to her and hugged her and said I was sorry.
    My son was with my again, it looked as if his gum grew over his front tooth. I asked him what was wrong with his mouth and he cried out in pain and grabbed his neck!

    Finally, my dog got out and I told my daughter to stay in the yard and I went yelling at the top of my lungs for my dog to come and he just kept sniffing the grass not paying any attention to my voice.

    This all happened in an hour. I woke up at 5am to use the restroom, then woke back up at 6am.

  • Rachiel Sep 5, 2013, 10:54 am

    I have looked for the meaning of my dream but cannot find it anywhere I hope you can help.

    I had a dream were I saw a commercial plane in the sky on fire. I rang the police to inform them and then followed the plane in my car as not to loose sight of it, so I could tell the police of where it would eventually crash. As the plane got lower in the sky and I became closer to the plane, I could see, through the thick smoke and fire, that the sides of it were missing and the seats where empty…I concluded the passengers must have perished.

    The plan actually landed ok considering the pilot, the only one that had survived the mid-air fire, had ejected from the cockpit while the plane was on fire in the sky. He landed next to me and was remarkable fine considering, he was the main pilot and he had ejected before the plane landed, so surely he would be in a lot of trouble for leaving the plane. However, as everyone had perished he thought there was no point in risking his life as well.

  • Sumera Sep 5, 2013, 5:55 pm

    I had a dream last night where I am sitting in a first class with one of my best friends and the flight attendant brings us things to eat, like chocolates and other sweets.. then it changed to that I am off the plane and I am about to miss my flight and I am running to the airport and running after the plane.and the flight attendant sees me and grab my hand and pulls me in. When we landed I was in Orlando airport in FL. I always have this dream with the same friend in it and we always are going to Florida.

  • Shirley Sep 8, 2013, 2:51 pm

    I had a reoccurring dream that I had a airplane in my garage. It was really weird because somehow or another my car and the airplane was in the garage together. I open the garage and the plane released and start rolling. Never did I recognize it crashing; but I was screaming for my nephews to go get my brother-in-law to come help me find the airplane. We was walking around in the neighborhood asking people had they seen it, but it appeared only one guy did but I couldn’t understand him. I shook the man’s hand and thank him and apology for not understanding him, but I express my appreciation all the same. And for some reason I was upset with my brother-in-law because he appeared not be helpful. The aircraft was never founded damage.
    It was scary to the point my chest was aching.

  • Scott Fortney Sep 22, 2013, 1:42 am

    For many years, I have had recurring dreams of plane crashes. The dreams are never the same, but I am always a witness standing on ground watching them come down. Sometimes they’re in the distance. Sometimes they crash nearby. In one, the plane slid down my street, wings were clipped by telephone poles, and it stopped in front of my house; after which, the pilots climbed out of the cockpit and walked away. In my latest dream, just last night, I watched as a plane flew upside down and crash landed (still upside down) on a street, used a forested area to slow down, and stopped on a street; then fire departments rushed to water it down so that it would not catch fire. My plane crash dreams stopped for a while after 911, but have recently picked up. I rarely fly, so I don’t get this.

  • Kendra Wray Oct 8, 2013, 3:43 pm

    I have been having dreams of moving back to Maui (where I recently moved from after 2 years of living there), but I cannot seem to pack all my stuff and it all is too big for my bags and I always miss my flight. My husband is usually with me (who I know was not happy when we moved from Maui). I wanted to move home to Wa from Maui to be closer to family.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Oct 23, 2013, 11:49 am

      To dream of missing a flight id similar to dreams about missing a train: you feel you are missing an opportunity in real life.

  • Jeremy Oct 18, 2013, 6:01 pm

    I had a dream in a airplane that was taking off from the runaway. While, in the air all sudden the plane exploded in the air with a orange What is the meaning behind this dream blast?

  • jemma Oct 20, 2013, 2:39 pm

    I keep having similar dreams of lots of planes in the sky shooting bombs and guns, I’m always in my house were I live at present in my front room, and all I can see is hundreds of planes in the sky there not war planes they are really modern planes as if they haven’t been invented as yet, what could this mean as I had the dream several times now.

  • elisa Oct 21, 2013, 5:17 pm

    Ive had this dream before plenty of times that I’m on a plane we take off into the air for a couple of feet in the air and then something happens to the plane where it has to safely land somewhere. And everyone has to get off and be taken back to the airport. Sometimes the pilot tries to take off again after he safely lands the plane.

  • Patricia Glenn Feb 1, 2014, 5:46 am

    I had a dream last night that I was watching a large air plane and it turned upside down and safely landed. Everyone on the plane was okay and as they were getting off I was telling them how good God is.

  • Linda Feb 2, 2014, 9:23 am

    A tragedy took place in my family causing me months of desperation.So I am now living with my daughter. FACT: Last night I dreamt that thousands of black planes flew over her house and at some point the sky became a massive ball of fire. At the same time I could see people crossing a long bridge.

  • esther Feb 10, 2014, 12:26 pm

    A friend of mine had a dream of loosing a laptop and as she was looking for it, she runs into me. I decide to buy her a new one and suddenly my name is called to board a plane whose destination is heaven

  • phillip Jun 4, 2014, 2:02 am

    I had a dream of a jumbo jet liner that was flying close to the ground, and then it made a left hand turn into the ground. This was followed up by another plane that was flying strait up and was trying to make a loop, before it could make the loop it fell back tail first into the ground. this was followed up by another plane that tried to also make a loop and also made a fall tail first into the ground. Do you have any ideas as to why I had this dream?

  • Monika Jun 23, 2014, 6:11 am

    Dreamt of being under picnic pavilion with an ex-boyfriend and some female but she was familiar to me a friend or family member. All of a sudden other people at park run screaming. I almost get hit by the nose half of a jet under the pavilion. Then X screams check your phone it tells you where they will fall. I’m calm which is weird but checking my phone then I wake up.

  • gabriel Jun 27, 2014, 9:01 am

    I dreamed of watching an airplane crash. All the colors in my dream were ultra vibrant. The sky was impossibly blue. The grass was incredibly green, dense and plush. I was in a beautiful parklike setting on the bank of a body of water of unknown size or category.
    The plane flopped and spun in the air in an unnatural manner and exploded into a fiery ball into the ground near me. I ran around dodging the debris. Kinda like it was a game. I didn’t feel a sense of danger. I was just observing.

  • Frani Jun 30, 2014, 4:08 am

    It’s now the second time that I dream I was about to get on a plane, the first time things got delayed and the second time I forgot that I was supposed to be at the airport early, my mother also told me that she dreamt I was getting on a plane and leaving her behind! What could this mean?

  • Aaron Jul 2, 2014, 10:41 pm

    I’ve had about 2 plane crash dreams in the past month. The first one at someone’s house, and the plane (737) was coming in really low, then just crashed in front of me, but all the people were alive and OK. But the plane looked like a cartoon plane after it had crashed? And the second one was where I was on a field with all my mates and we saw a plane come in quite low as well. It stalled and crashed next to me also. The plane (Easy Jet 737) wasn’t even damaged, and when I looked, there was no one inside it? I am going on holiday in less than a month, and my dream is to become a pilot, what does this mean?

  • Emma Jul 3, 2014, 10:57 am

    Help! I keep dreaming of seeing a plane crash very close by. I’m always at my house, but my house is always different. I see the plane coming down from the sky and crashing into a fire ball, always so close to house. This has happened about 5 times now in the last few weeks. And always so realistic.

  • Walteretta Collins Jul 10, 2014, 12:06 am

    My elderly Mother resides with me, I dreamed that she was going back to the city where she had originally lived via ” Airplane” she appeared very relaxled. My current situation I have been unemployed for a year and very anxious to begin work again

  • Joan Jul 10, 2014, 2:52 pm

    I dreamt about flying through a plane crash on the beach’s shore and after that i was watching another plane to crash on the same beach, with a fictional company’s misspelled name on it. What does it means?

  • Stephen Jul 10, 2014, 11:11 pm

    I dreamt of three commercial airplanes flying in the air two collided and broke in two and crashed,the other one landed safely.

  • Jenn Jul 14, 2014, 4:40 am

    I have a recurring dream where am traveling to multiple foreign countries like Germany, Russia and Japan but the trip is spread out so that I fly from NY to Japan, then Japan to Germany, then to Russia – then back home to NY. I am feeling anxious because there are several long flights and the order in which we visit places makes the flights longer. Once on the plane they’re very large inside and not like any plane I’ve been on. I should mention that in “real life” I have a fear of flying. Any ideas on what these dreams mean?

  • Kate Jul 16, 2014, 12:37 pm

    Had a dream that I was laying down in a plane where I could see the sky above me like an open sunroof . There was some kind of toy plane with me that would rise up and out of the opening and just glide around the plane where I could see it every now and then passing by above me back and forth and then would glide right back in beside me , and do it a few more times . When this little plane was gliding above me as I was watching it, I felt the most peaceful, calm, content just most relaxing and complete feeling I’ve ever felt before .. ( I’m a big dreamer but am very confident that in the near future I will have money and everything else . In a 3 year relationship that has come to an end on my part , knowing that I will be much more successful on my own . Is this what this dream represents ? Confirmation of my successful ness if I leave ? ) And ! The plane that I was laying in , would always land in the same place, not an unfamiliar place or anything, I still had the feeling of completeness knowing that I was back where I left , does that mean anything ?

  • Brittany Sep 5, 2014, 6:39 pm

    I had a dream that there were thousands of air-planes flying and military looking jets. As the planes were getting farther a flying black hearse stopped near me the bottom of it opened and tons of white coffins were falling out. As they were falling I heard someone say “how could they treat them like that” in the dream I felt like the coffins belonged to soldiers.

  • Rich Sep 7, 2014, 4:52 am

    I have had a recurring dream for many years off and on that I am flying in a large plane as one of many a passenger and the plane dips and I think we are going down but in fact the plane is just going thru a city, under bridges and between buildings and then safely lands. Can you please give me your interpretation of this.


    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 16, 2014, 3:33 pm

      Your dream is telling you that you worry too much about things that may never happen. Everything is under control and on automatic pilot!

  • Kristen Kyra Sep 15, 2014, 4:30 pm

    I’m having a reoccurring dream that I’m supposed to be on this flight to move and I keep getting held back by a circumstance. Clients being late to get hair done, forgetting documents and another party not being able to fly. In each dream I am to be at the airport by 11:00am and can’t make it. In reality I did move and am starting a new life

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 16, 2014, 3:32 pm

      Dreams like this occur when a person is under work stress and feel unprepared. Your dream may be telling you that you worry too much about missed opportunities.

  • Liz Oct 15, 2014, 10:25 pm

    Was in the air in a passenger plane. We were flying over canyons so deep I could not see a bottom. I watched as a plane with smoke went down. Then I saw another. I thought “Oh, those people” One plane a privately owned the other more like a crop plane. Then I saw a bright yellow helicopter just out of my window, started to loose control, the helicopter’s right leg got snagged on a electrical line for a moment then the pilot got control and started to fly the helicopter but It hit the plane I was in and the pilot lost all control as he went down. I saw the passages in the back and they were not worried as they seem to have trust in the pilot.
    The dream played back as a replay but slower the second time. Each time I was horrified for the people in the planes.

  • Colin Oct 19, 2014, 4:30 pm

    I had a dream that I was preparing a small plane for flight with my dad. I have experience flying planes and I was doing a pre check. Making sure it had oil and the engine was ok. But the propeller was strangely small and one of the three pieces was broken.

  • Carrie Kelley Oct 21, 2014, 12:24 pm

    Last night I had a dream, that has been a re occurring dream in the past. I’m on a plane with just several passengers and the flight is about to take off but doesn’t make it and ends up doing an emergency landing. Nobody is injured and nobody knows why the flight was unsuccessful. The last vision I always have is of myself walking away with the other passengers feeling disappointed.

  • Jim Oct 22, 2014, 8:53 am

    I dream that I’m on the ground piloting a small Cessna about to take off, but don’t, because I don’t think I will be able to land it without crashing and killing myself. But I really want to fly it.

  • Mariann Oct 28, 2014, 4:04 am

    I had a dream last night that I was on a plane with my old supervisor, an unknown adult and child. One of my other coworkers was late so she was going to get on the next plane. Our pilot came over the air and said.. I cant wait to see your reactions from this flight… we took off and the plane immediately went upside down. We stayed in our seats without any trouble. I comforted the young child sitting next to me. A few minutes went by and the plane turned back up right and landed on the highway and was dodging cars…then my alarm went off and i woke up. what do you suspect this airplane dream means?

  • Joanna Nov 5, 2014, 3:20 pm

    My airplane dream was complex. I’ve never flown before but I was taking a flight with one of my husband’s friends (who I’m not close with) but the inside of the plane was like that of a military plane, with the seats along the sides. I was really nervous so he held my hand but I kept thinking about crashing. The runway was shaped as a giant, twisted waterslide minus the water (like those at amusement parks) and as the plane was gaining momentum down the slide, the plane started jolting and the pilot came on saying we had to return to the hangar because he thought he ripped the nose of the plane off.

    I’m clueless about what this could possibly mean but every detail was so vivid.

  • Janti Nov 6, 2014, 5:05 pm

    A few times I’ve dreamed I am flying in a plane with my deceased mother.
    What does this mean?

  • Tushar Poojari Nov 17, 2014, 6:30 am

    I had a dream about being in an island and witnessing a lot of planes almost crashing. The planes initially looked like they don’t have their wings at all and seemed as if they’re gonna crash, but after that they magically grew much smaller wings and somehow went out of sight. Seemed as if they’ll crash a little further.

  • Kristin Apr 27, 2015, 6:31 am

    My husband had a dream that someone asked where I was and my husband in his dream said she’s out on the airport runway and my head was a concord jet. What the heck does that mean?

  • Rocco Aug 9, 2016, 2:51 pm

    My dream is about all kinds of airplanes flying and small ones taking off from odd places like a ditch bank and the prop hitting a post but the plane takes off anyway. I’m observing these things not on them.. What is that trying to tell me?

  • Celeste Aug 17, 2016, 6:13 am

    Can’t find answers . . Had a dream that my recently deceased dog came back to life; she was in a box under a large fuselage up on wood blocks. This fuselage was very prominent and out of place. I live on acerage in the mountains no where near an airport. I felt at the time it meant something. Any suggestions?

  • Ado Tage Sep 8, 2016, 8:23 pm

    I have dream that the plane which me and my family travelled got defected due to bad weather and made emergency landing in other country, we survived crash. We jumped out from bend aeroplane in fear of crash and ran out fast. Later technical team was repairing and maintenance was going on.

  • Cid Sep 8, 2016, 10:00 pm

    I had a dream my mother and I had separate flights to Florida. That’s actually my birth state, and Lately I’ve been really homesick. she boarded the plane before I did. My flight was already allowing passengers to board but for some reason there were little things that kept stalling, holding me back in a way. What could this possibly mean?

  • Mary Oct 1, 2016, 10:24 pm

    My husband dreams he watches an airplane crash. He runs over and the nose of the plane is gone he climbs in and helps the people out. He dreams about planes crashing often. Can you help

  • Lovie diana Oct 2, 2016, 5:59 pm

    I had a dream that many airplanes were looking like they were falling while sirens were blasting on and even tho it look like they were gonna fall, they somehow landed fine, one even landed next to me fine even tho in my dream I felt like I was gonna die, but I didn’t, does this mean something?

  • Karen Danielle Oct 13, 2016, 5:08 am

    i had a dream last night of where I had gotten onto a plane to go see my boyfriend instead of driving… as it took off i had noticed that i had forgotten something of importance… and needed to go back.. but it was far to late to because it had already taken off. i was so mad at myself for leaving this object behind and when we finally landed… i needed to make my way back to where i once was.. but when i get out of the plane, I was where i once started… leaving my boyfriend disappointed for not being able to make it to him… i dont know what this means or anything but i’d surely like to know

  • Ashley Oct 14, 2016, 3:19 pm

    So last night i had a dream i got on a plane we took off about a hour later an turbulence started to happen then the plane started to spin out of control towards the ground but i was praying for it to stop an it finally did then i woke up after it stopped spinning what could this mean?

  • alex Oct 14, 2016, 5:31 pm

    i have dreamed of a plane landing out of surprise in the middle of a city not at an airport. it landed right on top of my car with all my luggage in the car that i could not get. Everyone was scared because it just landed randomly in the middle.

  • Raihana Oct 20, 2016, 7:59 am

    My aim is to become a pilot. Three times I had a dream of airplane bursting. I’d not be on the plane but I’d watch it burst. What does it mean?

  • Anntianette Oct 23, 2016, 6:30 pm

    Last night I dream that I was flying a small plane I knew what to do and my mother was next to me and we’re flying then I see a building so I’m pulling to go up and we were about to make it but the tail end hit the building and we crashed. The people who was working on the building knew who I was and the workers called Ticky my boyfriend. As I’m crawling away from the crash I see she was alright. I was relieved .Then I couldn’t breathe and everyone was trying to help me but I died. So everyone was Sad that I died and moments later I came back to life and everyone was scared that they just saw a ghost. While a worker was telling that I was dead to my boyfriend and was hysterically saying she just woke up. I’m just looking at everyone and my mother hugged me while crying.

  • Katharine Oct 28, 2016, 8:37 pm

    I had a dream that my boyfriend and I were on a plane and began experiencing extreme turbulence and cabin pressure. I grabbed onto my boyfriend as I became scared that the plane was going to crash. That’s all I remember of that part of my dream; in real life my boyfriend and I have recently been experiencing some problems in our relationship and I have harbored the real fear that I may have to let him go. Does this dream reflect that?

  • Samantha Nov 3, 2016, 1:36 pm

    I had a dream I had a baby with me around 1 years of age. We were in the airplane going somewhere flying overseas when the weather so bad the ocean water knocked us out of the sky causing the plane to crash and it started filling with water immediately.

  • Maria Nov 7, 2016, 2:04 am

    Hi! I have a dream a last night. Me and some foreign friends are in a plane. Actually we only met there, we’re not friends in real life, actually I don’t know a single person there. It’s I have dreamt of a horror movie that I haven’t watched before. We stayed somewhere at back of the plane. Not inside it. We were having fun chatting and all when we felt that the plane is about to land we steadily positioned ourselves then in my dream i just woke up that these people these people are now like zombies or wounded from the plane. I was not dead or anything I think I was safe and they are all wounded severely. Then there is one guy who that i met there who seems to follow me and like me, he’s like the bad person in the movie. Something like that. He kind of had sexual desire from me. They told me to stay away from him. Apart from that in my dream my hair went short and have a new color.
    What does this dream mean? Thanks in advance

  • saudip Nov 13, 2016, 2:07 pm

    I had a disturbing dream last night, at first I found myself on a boat where I was witnessing an aircraft flying very close to the sea-level, I could see the specific Aircraft and airline. A few second later I found myself inside the aircraft in the cock-pit, where I witnessed myself crashing with the aircraft.
    What does this exactly mean?

  • Ben Nov 19, 2016, 6:20 am

    I was walking to my home, I guess n suddenly I saw an airplane with red n white painted. I was enjoying by watching it but from outta no where, it turned it’s way towards me n by seeing it, I fell n it looked like coming towards me but it crashed a few distance away from me. It scared the hell outta me. I saw it’s crashing n saw red smokes coming towards me n disappeared. Then, I got awake.
    This is the most thrilling dream I’ve ever had in my entire life.I loved the thrilling that I’ve got from my dream.

  • Max May 24, 2018, 2:18 am

    I had a dream of falling out of the sky straddling a jet engine by itself, when I hit the ocean; I am now sitting in the Copilot seat of a passenger jet plane telling the captain not to reignite the engine or else it will explode. I then wake up on an island with a perfectly fine plane and I’m aware of some intruder on a boat. I then wake up. I was wondering how this dream would apply since I am a 33 year old retired airline pilot and don’t look forward to flying for an airline or in my private life unless family asks. I would appreciate some sort of explanation please thanks.

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