What Do Dreams about Having a Love Affair Mean?


adultery dream meaningPsychological Dream Meaning: Don’t take these dreams too literally as they usually highlight inner fears. You may have hidden worries about your sexuality or desire something that’s not in your best interest. The dream is a way for your unconscious to express its sexual urges. Sometimes it does this in ways that may go against what is socially acceptable or advisable.

Mystical Interpretation: A legal action may befall you if a man dreams of adultery. For a woman it means she will lose the affections of her husband. The ancient dream dictionaries, that were written before the advent of women’s rights, predicted far worse consequences for women than for men who had this dream.

Infidelity Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: The dream may be wish-fulfillment. Perhaps you feel unsatisfied with your relationship and feel the need for a more exotic sexual life. It is the nature of biology that both sexes are tempted to be adulterous. Erotic dreams about people other than your partner may sometimes act as a safety valve to release these powerful urges. Surveys indicate that the happiest people are those with a good partnership based on faithfulness and an extended circle of friends. If you dream that your partner is unfaithful, this may indicate that you are neglecting their emotional needs.

Mystical Meaning: Dream superstition says that this dream means the opposite. You and your partner will be faithful to each other.

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