Abdomen Dream

Abdomen Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning:

The dream may have a physiological cause such as constipation or indigestion. Emotionally there may be something worrying you, something that you ‘cannot stomach’ or want to ‘get out of your system’. There can also be sexual innuendo in the dream symbolism and, for a woman, it can indicate a desire for motherhood.

Mystical Meaning:

Traditional folklore says that to dream of your own abdomen promises great things that you must work hard for but the dream can also foretell of infidelity. A shriveled abdomen warns of lies, a swollen one promises ultimate success and if there is blood, it warns of a tragedy within the family. Cynics say that you are making an arse of yourself or worry that you have a big bum.

Abdomen Dream Meaning
A dream about your abdomen may mean you want to put something in your life behind you.

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