Abandonment Dream Meaning

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Abandonment Dream Meaning

INFO: Dreams about being abandoned with information about similar dreams such as desertion, being jilted and dereliction. The psychological and mystical meanings of dreams about abandonment.

Psychological Meaning: Abandonment Dream Meaning

This dream may express your unconscious emotions of being forsaken. Examine the reasons for this feeling. Do you feel that people emotionally neglect you? Perhaps you harbour feelings of resentment such as an unresolved problem from childhood? The dream also may be saying how you need to express your feelings and be understood by others.

On another level, the dream may say that you need guidance with some life issue. For example, you hope for an ‘authority figure’ to help you take control of your life. Many people have this dream after the death of a loved one. Grief brings a strange mixture of emotions: anger, resentment, depression, panic and abandonment. These feelings are all part of the healing process.

Mystical Meaning: Abandonment Dream Meaning

To abandon something unpleasant indicated good financial news ahead. But the omens are bad if you abandon someone or something you cherish – destiny sees troubled times. However, if you are the one abandoned then reconciliation will happen quickly.

Abandonment dreams meaning
Dreams about being abandoned can be very upsetting

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  • Moyra Asquith Mar 20, 2018, 1:59 pm

    When I was about 6, I had a dream where my dad left me with my elementary school music teacher and her husband, while my dad drove away in a Chevrolet, and I screamed daddy.

  • Shina Jan 9, 2018, 4:58 pm

    I dreamed my son’s dad left him on the side of the freeway and his grandmother had to come pick him up. My mom died, but she was the dream telling be I told you to leave him alone ( meaning the father). Is there a meaning to this dream?

  • anjelina Apr 29, 2017, 8:43 pm

    I had a dream where my parents didn’t believe I was their true daughter, they kept saying that their sweet little girl would have never had sex or get into any kind of trouble that she was perfect. I kept telling them I have all these memories of being their daughter but they wouldn’t accept it, finally at the end of the dream their real daughter came back and I was out in the cold. what does this mean?

  • savanah Apr 7, 2017, 6:31 pm

    I keep having recurring dreams that I’m away from my home I share with my boyfriend and in each dream our daughter is always with me and I’m on the phone with him telling him were on our way home but in the dream other things happen, just strange random things, “like one dream we were on the hwy behind two 18 wheelers and they both start to loose control” “another where the car wont start and brakes goes out and we start rolling down hill” in every dream ill go thur what ever crazy thing is happening but wake up before reaching home.. I don’t not understand why I keep having these dreams, I have searched google down but haven’t found anything close to my dreams.. can anyone please help??

  • Abby Aug 29, 2016, 4:52 am

    When I was a child, I’d often have dreams about my mother leaving me at a mall or a crowded place. I turn around for a moment and next thing I know, she’s be walking away from me. It was like she totally forgot I was even there. I would call out to her over and over and chase her, but I could never reach her. I’d wake up so upset. It still upsets me now when I think about it. I love my mother to death. Why did I have these dreams?

  • Disha Jun 6, 2016, 3:59 am

    Hi. I am 24 years old and I saw a dream that my parents, brother and my friends abandoned me after all of us had good time. They just walked past me, as if they don’t remember me at all. I tried to find a way back to my parents and a stranger helped me. At the end, the stranger and me reached a temple and saw my parents. Again, they just walked past me, as if I do not exist. They did not even look at me. May I know what does the dream mean? I have a good relationship with my family and friends, but this dream is disturbing me.

  • Rose Sumor Apr 27, 2016, 6:26 pm

    I often dream of my husband who passed away 12 years ago. I never saw his face in my dreams. I knew he was still alive but he had been avoiding me and our children. I felt so cold and miserable. Sometimes he even had another woman to be with. Every time I looked for him desperately but never succeeded. These dreams hurt and have been haunting me for years. Can anyone tell me what they mean?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Aug 8, 2016, 3:22 pm

      This dream expresses your feelings of bereavement. It’s feels similar to having been abandoned and betrayed. It’s your subconscious helping you to come to terms with the impossible feeling of losing someone so very close to you.

      • Ken S. Sep 19, 2016, 3:05 pm

        I have similar dreams about my life partner who passed away 15 months ago…the strange thing is I started having these dreams of her abandoning me months before she died. Her death was a complete surprise and she died a very painful and frightening death. And now almost 15 months after her death I am starting to have these dreams again…in my dream she is alive but no longer loves me and leaves me and I have such terrible feelings of betrayal and loneliness only to wake up to the reality that she is dead…it’s pure torture.

  • Colette Apr 14, 2016, 12:57 am

    For the past few weeks I have had variations of the same dream almost nightly. I’m with a man, who I care for very much, and somehow we get separated. I can never find him, even though I call for him over and over. In one dream I was in a car going over a cliff and as I was screaming for him, I woke up crying. In another, probably the worst, another man had grabbed me and was taking me away against my will. I called out but there was no help. He wasn’t there.

  • Latasha Jan 24, 2016, 2:35 pm

    I dreamed that both my parents abandoned me. In the dream we had just finished dining in a restaurant, my mother asked me to go inside and see f it were possible to take the remains of here dinner home (even tough we had already left the restaurant). I loved my mother dearly so I did as she wished. When I returned the car was gone (my father was the driver, my mother never drove). Needless to say, I was very upset, angry with disbelief. I sat down on the curb of the road. Shortly later what appeared to be a policeman showed up and asked me many questions about the circumstances and about my deceased husband as well. (I might add in my dram I was an adult and both my parents and husband are deceased in real life). My mother and I were very close and I felt she was not able to stop my father from driving away. The funny odd thing to me of all this, is both my parents died in real life before my husband, yet I knew as did the policeman who came to talk to me in my dream, that my husband was dead.

  • Rax Oct 11, 2015, 2:49 pm

    I had a dream that that I was with a significant other. They were sick, I tried to help them. I was unable to help them and as a result we went to bed. When I woke up they were gone. I woke up all alone.

  • anu Jul 15, 2015, 8:01 pm

    I had a dream that my husband abandoned me which is true in real life, I am trying to talk to him from some ones phone but he’s not responding. I am trying to talk to the person who is controlling him and she is not responding too. This is a real situation too. Do not understand things.

  • Tami Jun 14, 2015, 5:15 pm

    I dreamed I was being physically intimate with a guy in an abandoned house. The house looked the way it would after a fire. The only things left in the house were old pictures (photos were in black and white) of the homeowner. The guy in my dream is someone I have a close relationship with in real life.

  • Yessenia Lopez Feb 14, 2015, 12:17 am

    I dreamed my mother abandoned my siblings and me and she didn’t tell anyone. But instead of being upset I was mad at her. I wanted an explanation, what does this mean?

  • Hajar Aug 15, 2014, 3:24 pm

    I’ve had dreams about waking up to find that there was nothing in my room but the bed I was sleeping on. So I’d get up in a rush and open the door to my room only to find that there is nothing in the whole house but my bed. Along with the furniture my whole family was gone. This was a recurring dream and every time I’d wake up and find nothing but the bed I’d run outside my room hoping to find that my family had not abandoned me. My parents would always fight but I was a happy child loved and cherished by friends and family. I always made people laugh, myself included, and that made most people love being around me. So, in a way, this recurring dream is confusing to me.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 12, 2014, 9:45 pm

      Your concerns about abandonment are probably more to do with worries about loneliness you are feeling now rather than during your childhood.

  • mw Dec 25, 2012, 10:21 am

    I had a dream about being abandoned at a grocery store far away from home. I waited for a very long time and finally, a clerk came to me and told me to stand in front of the store and wait and eventually, the manager would come out and tell me what to do. I told her that was a bunch of bunk and that I was not going to wait. I said that I wanted to see the manager immediately. I don’t remember what happened after that but whoever it was that brought me to the store ended up leaving me there.

    This connects very well with my real life. In fact, in my real life, I have no friends. Acquaintances I have will say they are going to call but they never do. In fact, everyone in the world that I know never does what they say they are going to do.

    Such is life. People fall through on everything they say. The spoken word is never taken seriously.

    It has gotten so that when someone says something, it goes in one ear and out the other because of my past experiences. Your interpretation is right on.

    • Gracie Dec 10, 2016, 12:02 am

      I had a very sad dream about being abandoned by my family particularly my mum. I was left alone in a house that I wasn’t familiar with. I was looking for my brothers and my mum and something told me they had abandoned me totally and had taken their belongings with them..moved to another house while I was left alone in that big, dark house with an atmosphere of loneliness and emptiness about it. I was cleaning it up though..and while I was cleaning the floor and dusting off huge furniture, I suddenly burst into tears and said “why am I always abandoned in life?”..I was really in tears and my chest hurts from crying so hard. Suddenly, a knock on the door…as I opened it, I saw my childhood friend and my female Japanese student who is not very close to me. In fact, I was surprised to see her there..and she also had one blue eye. When I asked them what they were doing there, they couldn’t come up with anything to say.

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