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Guru Dream Meaning

Mystic Guru in Robes

Psychological Meaning: The guru may represent your own higher self and the innate wisdom within you. He may take a religious form such as Buddha, Shiva, or a saint. This ‘inner guide’ may also appear as an old bearded man, a priest, prophet, magician or king. In its feminine manifestation, it may appear as the Earth Mother or a Goddess. For example, the Virgin Mary appearing within dreams is a symbol of supreme compassion and selfless love; your inner guide that teaches through grace rather than power. Carl Jung called these figures ‘mana personalities’. (Mana denotes the mysterious powers associated with the gods or superhuman knowledge).  Because of the awe-inspiring knowledge and insight that these people represent, they may sometimes appear as frightening or domineering figures. Dreams of this nature indicate that an extremely important spiritual aspect of your life is opening. 

Mystical Meaning: Some spiritual traditions, such as the Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus and Native Americans, believe that the inner teacher is a real person who communicates to the dreamer via another realm of existence. The teacher may come from this world or talk to us from the realms of spirit. I am a follower of the Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba who I believe has spoken to me directly through my dreams. To some of my friends, he has confirmed this by describing the content and repeating the exact words said by him in their dreams!

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