Gun Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: When Mae West said in the film My Little Chickadee “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” she was talking pure Freud. In dreams guns represent aggressive sexuality. If you dream of killing someone with a gun, this may represent your desire to kill off part of your self. If it is an animal you kill, this may show how you repress your instincts. If it is you that’s being shot, you may feel that, in waking life, you are being victimised in some way.

Mystical Meaning: If you hear guns in a dream expect a quarrel with a neighbour.

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Meaning of Gun DreamMeaning of Gun Dream Dream Meaning for GunDream Meaning for Gun
Meaning of Gun DreamMeaning of Gun Dream Gun Dream MeaningGun Dream Meaning

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