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Dreams About Ghosts

Ghostly Grave Stone

Ghost Dream Meaning

Dream 1Psychological Meaning: The shadowy ghosts of your dream represent those aspects of yourself that you fear. But it is fear itself that makes them frightening. Expose these dark pursuing forces to the light of day and you will discover that it is only your own fear that turns them into nightmares. You must realise that many different energies make up your psyche and accept them all as valid parts of yourself. Your dream may also reflect your own fears about death and dying. For Freud a ghost was a symbol of the mother.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning: In most cases ghosts are representations of the dark forces within ourselves that we have not accepted. However, as a medium I have spoken to many people who claim to have really met the dead in their dreams.  In some cases, the spirit gave evidence that proved them to be the real spirits of people from the next world. Usually only spirit people that care for you can communicate in this way.

Meaning of GRAVE Dream


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