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(see also Eating)

Psychological Meaning: Food represents the qualities we take into ourselves and for Sigmund Freud it symbolised sexuality. (see Eating) The different types of food you dream about can symbolise a variety of things: Fruit can symbolise sensuality but it can also represent the receiving of rewards or abundance. To dream of bitter fruits such as lemons may indicate that you feel bitterness about a situation or person influencing your life. Perhaps it’s you that has the sour attitude? Milk can symbolise human kindness, sugar sweet words and frozen food may indicate that you have frozen emotions. There are thousands of possible qualities symbolised by food. You will need to examine what your personal associations are with the food featured in your dream. For example, Freud considered that chocolate or any luxurious food represented self-reward. Do you get a feeling of guilt when you look at a fattening cream cake and could it therefore represent guilt in your dreams.

Mystical Meaning: Since the times of the Ancient Greeks to dream of food was interpreted in sexual terms. Peaches and other succulent fruits stood for lasciviousness, while others such as pomegranates symbolised fertility. It was an apple the caused Adam and Eve to be booted out of Eden. Food such as bread symbolised a more restrained, fertility-orientated sexuality and many primitive cultures believe that if you eat meat you will take on the spiritual qualities of that particular animal.

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