FIRE DREAM - What do dreams about Fire mean?

Fire Dream Meaning
FIRE DREAM - What do dreams about Fire mean?

Psychological Meaning: Fire destroys but it also cleanses and purifies. It can illuminate but also cause pain. Its energy is a potent symbol of eternal life or eternal damnation. Fire is a powerful yet ambivalent dream symbol.

In dreams, it can signal a new beginning, spiritual illumination, sexual passion or disruptive emotions such as the flames of passion or envy. For example, to dream of a house burning down or a forest fire warns that you are consumed by passions. Consider whether your emotions are getting out of control and whether you need to calm the flames. Are you being a hothead? Or perhaps you have a ‘fiery’ temper? Be careful or your ‘burning’ passion may spark a ‘flaming’ argument!

Fire can also be a symbol of security. To dream of a cosy fire in the hearth shows that you are comfortable with your circumstances and at ease with your life. Freud said that fire is a symbol of the libido (the passions) and to dream of poking a fire represented arousing the sexual passion.

Mystical Meaning: The psychologist Carl Jung said that fire represents the process of psychological transformation. Just as the alchemists used fire to transform base metals into gold, so the symbol fire is the trigger for the inner transformation. It purges the decay of the past yet is also the giver of light and spiritual truth. It is the eternal flame in the temple of the soul. It is from the fire that the phoenix of hope rises.

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Fire Dream MeaningFire Dream Meaning

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