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Psychological Meaning: Everyone has a dark side. The evil that occurs in dreams usually represents something about yourself. It may represent destructive psychological forces such as: anger, jealousy, revenge or hatred. If you recognise these tendencies within yourself, first accept them, and then practice the opposite in waking life. For example, if you dream of hatred practice love, if you dream of revenge practice forgiveness and if you dream of jealousy practice giving.

Mystical Meaning: The ancient Chinese oracle of the I Ching, that is often used for dream interpretation, says: “The best way to overcome evil is by energetic perseverance in the good”

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Meaning of Evil DreamMeaning of Evil Dream
Dream Meaning for EvilDream Meaning for Evil
Meaning of Evil DreamMeaning of Evil Dream
Evil Dream MeaningEvil Dream Meaning

EvilDreams about Evil Dream Meaning

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