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Elements Dream Meaning

(see also Air, Earth, Fire, Water)

The Elements Earth Air Fire Water

Psychological Meaning: The elements are symbols for the sum total of the universe including man. These are divided into solid (Earth), liquid (Water) and vapour (Air) and these three are transformed into one another through the agency of energy (Fire). Psychological qualities can be represented by each of the elements. If these are in balance then it represents psychological wholeness and well-being.

Mystical Meaning: In astrology the elements symbolise the four essential qualities of mankind: Earth for fertility and steadfastness, Water for imagination, Air for intelligence and Fire for ambition and the will. In addition, the mystics believed in a fifth element called ether. It is intangible fluid state of existence that was claimed by alchemists to permeate everything. Today, may psychics believe that the ether is the medium by which the spirit travels out of the body during sleep.

Dream Similar Dream Themes: Periodic table of Elements. Test your Skill with some DIY dream interpretations. Can you guess the meaning of some of these common, lucid and recurring dreams?

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