Egg Dream Meaning (see also Shell)

Psychological Meaning: To dream of an egg promises that something new is about to happen in your life. You may be 'hatching' a new idea or plan. After a period of waiting wonderful new possibilities will open to you. At this stage you will need to carefully nurture your plans as eggs are delicate things and can be easily broken. The egg could also symbolise inner potentials that are developing within you. You may be learning new skills or feel that you are developing into a new and better person. You need time to incubate this new side of yourself. Soon you will be able to 'break out of your shell'.

Mystical Meaning: According to Oneirocriticon by Astrampsychus (c. AD 350) "to hold an egg symbolises vexation"

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Dream Similar Dream Themes: bud, cackle, cackleberry, cell, embryo, germ, hen apple, hen fruit, nucleus, oospore, ovum, roe, rudiment, spawn, yellow eye.

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