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Earth Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: Dreams associated with the earth, such as lying on the ground, may show that you need to be realistic. The dream may be telling you to 'keep your feet on the ground'. At this time, you may need to concentrate on earthly matters rather than becoming over involved in other worldly concerns or flights of fancy. To dream of the planet Earth may be a symbol of your true self that is yet unrealised. However, the psychologist Carl Jung in his autobiography Memories Dreams Reflections confesses that in 1944 he had an out-of-body experience and saw the Earth from a vantage point in space. "It seemed to me that I was high up in space. Far below I saw the globe of the earth, bathed in gloriously blue light"

Mystical Meaning: Mother Earth represents the unconscious mind. She is the 'womb' that contains potential for further development. Myths about descending into the earth are allegories to describe the descent into the dark realms of the unconscious. If mother earth comes in a fearful guise then this may show that you fear being overwhelmed by chaotic unconscious forces that threaten the order in your life. Mother earth was of course a fertility symbol. To dream of a barren earth means that you need to sow new seeds of life for the future.

Dream Similar Dream Themes: apple, cosmos, creation, dust, globe, macrocosm, old sod, orb, planet, real estate, spaceship Earth, sphere, star, sublunary world, terra, terra firma, terrene, terrestrial sphere, universe, vale, alluvium, clay, clod, coast, compost, deposit, dirt, dry land, dust, fill, glebe, gravel, humus, land, loam, marl, mold, muck, mud, peat moss, sand, shore, sod, soil, subsoil, surface, terra firma, terrain, terrane, topsoil, turf.

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