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Dwarf Dream Meaning

Dwarf man holding flower. Dream symbol for a dwarf

Psychological Meaning: A dwarf can represent some quality that you have not fully developed or expressed. They may also represent the neglected or repressed parts of yourself- aspects of your personality that were unable to grow to their full potential.

Mystical Meaning: Gold is a symbol of the true self and, as in the story of Snow White, is often mined by dwarves. Dwarves can therefore symbolise your quest for self-knowledge.

Dream Similar Dream Themes: baby, diminutive, Dwarfed, Lilliputian, low, miniature, petite, pocket, small, undersized, bantam, Dwarfling, gnome, half-pint, homunculus, knee high, Lilliputian, little person, manikin, midget, peanut, peewee, pygmy, runt, shorty, shrimp, squirt, Tom Thumb, tot.

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