Dust Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Dust

Dust Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: Dust implies neglect and something that has not been touched for a long time. Your dream therefore represents aspects of yourself that been ignored or forgotten. This could be an ambition from the past or something you once treasured but have until now overlooked. Is the whole of your personality being expressed in your waking life? Similarly, it may be a neglected talent such as an artistic, musical or creative ability that the dream draws your attention to. The objects that are covered in dust will give you a clue to the dream's meaning.

Mystical Meaning: The gypsies say that the more dust you see in a dream, the more minor irritations you will need to deal with.

Similar Dream Themes: ashes, cinders, dirt, earth, filth, flakes, fragments, granules, grime, grit, ground, house moss, kittens, lint, loess, Mormon rain, powder, pussies, refuse, sand, smut, soil, soot

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