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Meaning of Avalanche Dream
Meaning of Awakening Dream
Meaning of Axe Dream

Welcome to the Meaning of Dreams section. Click the links above to jump to the appropriate dream meaning or dream interpretation. Some of these dream interpretations and meanings are taken from "The Hidden Meaning of Dreams" by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Please note that the Dream Meanings and dream illustrations here are copyrighted.
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Avalanche Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Avalanche

Avalanche Dream Meaning Psychological meaning: You may fear a disaster or failure. Perhaps your intuition has identified a flaw in your plans that needs urgent attention. Carefully examine the other images in the dream and see if you can identify the cause of the fear or warning. The issue may be emotional. Are you being 'as cold as ice'? Your frozen feelings may be causing you problems. Loosen up or you may cause an avalanche of out of control emotions.

Avalanche Dream Meaning Mystical meaning: Mystics say that it is tremendously fortunate to dream of an avalanche and particularly if you are buried in the snow! It portends profit and wealth. To see others buried in an avalanche indicates that you will have a change of surroundings.
Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
Dream interpretation for Avalanche Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright

Awakening Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Awakening
(see also Lucid Dreams)

Awakening Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: To dream of awakening may represent a new awareness that is unfolding in your life. However, the dream may mean that you are on the verge of lucid dreaming. In this remarkable state of consciousness you 'wake' up in the dream and realise that you are dreaming as the dream is taking place. In this state, the dreamer can direct their dreams like a film director. Lucid dreams can be used for creative purpose or to help resolve deep-set psychological problems. For example, someone who has consistently dreamed of being chased may turn on their stalker and unmask the fears that they have been running from. The Native Americans have practised these techniques for centuries.

Awakening Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning: To dream that you are awake and walking though a beautiful landscape denotes that there are good times ahead after a period of difficulty. Psychic people will use special techniques to 'wake up' during a dream in order to look into the future. One method is to imagine being in a time machine. The dream moves into the future and results in a premonition of real events that will take place.
Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
Dream interpretation for Awakening Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright

Axe Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Axe

Axe Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: This ominous symbol can be interpreted in a number of ways: Perhaps you are worried about your job, of being 'given the axe'? Or there may be something that you want to chop out of your life? If you dream of an executioner's axe, you may be feeling guilty about something you have done. In this case, the axe may represent judgement and punishment. If the axe is used to chop wood, it may show how you need to divide your problem into more manageable parts. If you cut down a tree this may be a symbol of removing the old so that the new can sprout afresh. A change in your lifestyle or circumstances may be necessary.

Axe Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning: Apart from being a clear warning of danger, the axe has some strange dreamlore associated with it. To dream of a shinny axe signifies gratifying rewards but a dull one means loss of prestige. An axe also means that you will soon hear from friends. For an unmarried woman this dream means she will meet the man of her dreams but he will never have a cent!
Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
Dream interpretation for Axe Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright

Meaning of Avalanche Dream
Meaning of Awakening Dream
Meaning of Axe Dream

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