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Meaning of Arrow Dream
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Audition Dream

Welcome to the Meaning of Dreams section. Click the links above to jump to the appropriate dream meaning or dream interpretation. Some of these dream interpretations and meanings are taken from "The Hidden Meaning of Dreams" by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Please note that the Dream Meanings and dream illustrations here are copyrighted.
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Arrow Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Arrow

Arrow Dream Meaning Psychological meaning: A Freudian psychologist interprets this image as a male sexual symbol. Favoured by Cupid, an arrow can represent the penis in its ability to penetrate. It has associations with male violence and aggression. (In the hymn 'Jerusalem' by the poet William Blake he refers to 'my arrows of desire'.) However, arrows can also represent something that goes straight to the mark. The dream is showing you how to reach the targets you have set yourself. Perhaps you should focus on one specific goal and set about achieving it.

Arrow Dream Meaning Mystical meaning: 'Expect journeys, entertainment and festivals' says one Medieval sources. To dream of being struck by an arrow means you have a secret enemy and a broken arrow portents disappointments in love or business.
Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
Dream interpretation for Arrow Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright

Artist Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Artist

Artist Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: This may represent the creative and intuitive side of your nature. You may feel a need to express yourself and have the urge to be more creative. If you are painting a picture this may show the way you see things at the moment: how you picture your situation. You are probably starting to see things more clearly.

Artist Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning: You may have to revise your plans in order to attain recognition. If you talk about art in your dream you may expect an upturn in your business or professional status.
Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
Dream interpretation for Artist Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright

Ashes Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Ashes

Ashes Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: After the fire has gone, we are left with dull, lifeless ash. You may be feeling that the good times are over and there is nothing left of value in your life. Alternatively, you may be raking over the past or dwelling upon something that is finished. For example, ashes may represent a failed relationship or ruinous business enterprise. In Hinduism, ashes are a symbol of the indestructible soul. After everything has been reduced by fire ash is what remains. It is the indestructible part of ourselves.

Ashes Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning: To dream of ashes is a bad omen. Crops will fail, business deals will go wrong and children will cause problems for their parents. The gypsies however say that it means that you will finally cease to mourn the lost chances of the past. Many tribal societies consider ashes to be a positive symbol of fertility and good luck. In England and America it is said to ward off evil spirits.
Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
Dream interpretation for Ashes Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright

Audition Dream Meaning
Meaning of Dreams about Audition

Audition Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Social vulnerabilities are highlighted and you may fear that you are unable to communicate effectively with others. You feel as if your social role in life is being tested. Dreams like this may occur soon after starting a new job or undertaking a socially challenging role. You may also dream of being unable to make yourself heard over the noise of others, of being laughed at, tongue tied, or have a feeling of impending disaster. All these images express your feelings of social vulnerability. An unruly audience may show your inability to get your ideas across or the absence of an audience may show a lack of recognition.

Audition Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning: Most dreams associated with actors, actresses and the stage are considered fortunate but to see them wandering and penniless foretells that your good fortune will be reversed. To dream of public speaking is also fortunate but not if you speak from a pulpit. If you dream of doing the latter there will be sickness and business will fail.
Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
Dream interpretation for Audition Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright

Meaning of Arrow Dream
Meaning of Artist Dream
Meaning of Ashes Dream
Meaning of
Audition Dream

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