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Doll Dream Meaning

Doll Dream Meaning

Dream 1Psychological Meaning:

To dream of playing with dolls may symbolise that you are trying to come to terms with an infantile aspect of yourself. They can sometimes indicate a lack of communication between the conscious and unconscious levels of the mind. It can symbolise that you have an immature attitude towards the opposite sex. Are you behaving like an adult or do you sometimes resort to childish behaviour? Alternatively, Jung believed dolls represent the Anima or Amius, the qualities of the opposite sex within ourselves.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning:

Tribal magicians use manikins to inaugurate their sympathetic magic. Sticking pins in a voodoo doll of your enemy, telling your troubles to a worry doll, worshipping the corn dolly are rituals that express a multitude of needs, desires, fears and hopes. Children will confess to a doll things that they would never tell an adult. Similarly, you may tell the doll of your dream your most secret fears and wishes.

Interpretation for Doll Dream: © Craig Hamilton-Parker 1999

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