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Mask Dream Meaning

Mask Dream Meaning

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

A mask represents the way that we present ourselves to the world. We talk of ‘putting on a brave face’ or ‘masking our feelings’. Psychologists call this psychological mask the Persona. The danger comes when we forget our true identity and believe that we really are the person we have been pretending to be. If we identify with it too closely, mistaking it for the real self, it will appear in our dreams as an artificial being such as a scarecrow or robot. Ask yourself why you are wearing a mask. And what does the face say about the way you present yourself to the world? The nature of the mask may reveal to you that you are pretending an emotion you do not feel, or hiding your real feelings. Have the courage to be the person you really are.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

Mahomet, the founder of Islam, used dreams as a way of explaining the faith. He relates in the Koran a dream in which the angel Gabriel takes him up to heaven riding a silvery grey mare where God gives him instructions. Arabic works are full of amazing dream insights. This one may help you understand you dream about masks: ‘He whose soul is pure is never deceived by his dreams, whereas he whose soul is blemished is continually deluded.’

Dream Interpretation for Mask Dream: © Craig Hamilton-Parker 1999

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