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Mandala Dream Meaning

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Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

The psychologist Carl Jung noticed that many of his patients’ dreams contained geometrical shapes such as triangles, squares and circles. He realised that these had great significance. As his patients progressed towards psychological health, the shapes became symmetrical with squares and circles radiating in intricate patterns from a central point.

Jung understood that similar symbolism could be found in the geometrical patterns and religious diagrams that Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus and Taoists used as a focus for meditation. These mandalas, as they are called in the East, represent the unity and wholeness of the psyche that is as beautiful and complex as an unfolding flower. Mandalas are your dream signposts to higher consciousness.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

The mandala represents the oneness of the psyche with the cosmos. Inner and outer become the same.

Tibetan Buddhists still use mandalas as a focus of concentration and some adepts can even sustain the image of a mandala in their mind’s eyes as they sleep. Certain mandalas are claimed to release magical powers.

Mandala Dream Meaning
Mandala Dream Archetype
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