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QuestionI had a very strange experience the other morning. I was lying in bed awake, but letting my thoughts wander when I suddenly became aware of rushing through space at immense speed. I could hear a peculiar hum or vibration.

I then found myself in the air over a beautiful sunny landscape. I could see a caravan park and beautiful coastline though it wasn't a holiday resort. I passed over a church and could see far below me children playing in green fields nearby.

I then became aware of my bedroom again. My vision was so vivid that I was as if I had actually left my room and flown to this other place.

Lily N

QuestionIt sounds to me that you had what psychologist call a 'lucid dream'. These dreams, that often happen after waking up in the morning, are a state of consciousness that's in-between waking and sleeping. Dreams during this period can be extremely vivid.

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