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Lion Dream Meaning

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

Lions are usually a regal dream symbol of power and pride. In a woman’s dream, it may represent the male aspect of her psyche. A Freudian interpretation may consider lions to represent the powerful and admired aspect of the father. It may also symbolize your ‘animal’ nature or your aggressiveness and will to power.

If you are a lion tamer then this may symbolise you taming your emotions or anger. To dream of being eaten by a lion may indicate that your emotions are consuming you.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

In the Tarot cards, the Lion is a symbol of strength that can be controlled by gentleness (symbolized by a woman dressed in white). Astrology tells us that Leos, the sign of the Lion, are gregarious and like to be the centre of attention. Perhaps your dream is saying that you are displaying these egocentric qualities?

In Christian Symbolism the Lion can represent Christ. The lion can represent fearless leadership and is an ancient symbol - one of the most famous being the Sphinx at Ghiza.

LION Animal Dreram Meaning
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