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Kite Dream Meaning
Kite Dream Meaning

Kite Dream Meaning

(see also Flying)

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

To dream of flying can symbolise your desire to be free from problems and enjoy a more carefree and adventurous life style. Similarly, kites symbolise the same connotations except in a more controlled way. Just as a kite is tethered by a string, so you have not let go completely. It can also show how you desire to take control of your life. In England, we describe someone as ‘wanting to fly their own kite’ when they want to take control of their circumstances.  The expression often relates to self-employment or the process of setting up a business.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

To dream of flying a kite denotes a great show of wealth but if the kite crashes or the string breaks there will be financial troubles.

Dream Interpretation for Kite Dream: © Craig Hamilton-Parker 1999

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