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Dreams about killing people and being killed.© These copyrighted extracts are from Hidden Meaning of Dreams with the permission of the author. See also Online Killing Dream Dictionary Entry.

What does it mean to kill someone in a dream?
Killing Dream

Killing Dream Meaning

Dream 1Psychological Meaning:

If you murder someone in your dream you are expressing your hatred or envy towards the person. Sometimes the person being killed can represent an aspect of your own nature that you hate. For example, if a man dreams of killing a woman it may show how he rejects the feminine side of his nature. Similarly, if a woman dreams of killing a man she may be rejecting her masculine side. To dream of killing animals indicates repression your instinctive nature. 

Dream 2Mystical Meaning:

There will be arguments and you may have to make sacrifices say the dream seers.



Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
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