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Dream about a Jew
Jew Dream Dreams about jews

Jew Dream Meaning

Dream 2Psychological Meaning: You may feel that you are being persecuted by prejudiced people if you dream of being Jewish. Alternatively, your dream may be telling you to be more tolerant towards others.

You may associate Jews with borrowing or lending money and careful management of funds. A dream about Israel may represent your own longing for harmony - an inner promised land. A Rabbi may represent a cheerful philosophy of life - a call listen to the inner wisdom that is arising from your unconscious mind.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning: To dream of a Jew indicates that you will prosper or win legal disputes. To dream about a Synagogue was considered as a lucy omen and would foretell better times ahead.

A rabbi in your dream is a symbol of favourable influences around you. If you are Jewish is is very favourable to dream of a Rabbi as it shows that friends will help you to achieve your ambitions.

Dream Interpretation for Jew Dream: © Craig Hamilton-Parker 1999

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