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Dreams about Eating Jam
Jam Dream Meaning

Jam Dream Meaning

(See also Honey)

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

We have a saying: ‘Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow but never jam today.’ This dream may represent how you feel that you keep missing the rewards of hard work and live forever on promises.

Jam may represent the sweet things in life. Alternatively the dream may be a pun: Are you ‘in a jam’ or a ‘sticky mess’? If your jam is covered in wasps you may feel that your security is threatened by people or events that threaten you harm.

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

If a woman dreams of making jam, she will be surrounded by appreciative friends (See also Honey) To dream of a Traffic Jam can mean that your path will soon open up and a new way be found.

Dream Interpretation for Jam Dream: © Craig Hamilton-Parker 1999

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