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Dream About Ghost Train

QuestionMy fiancé and I were recently on holiday in Florida and we stopped over at a hotel. After much difficulty getting to sleep I had a disturbing dream. I was on a ghost train and went through lots of large black doors and into different rooms. Suddenly it stopped and I panicked. I awoke to hear my fiancé saying "Oh no what are we going to do it's stopped!" It took two or three minutes to realise that I was only dreaming. My fiancé couldn't believe what had happened. We had dreamt the same dream, woke up at exactly the same time, and both still thought that the dream was still happening. Can you explain?

Lynne C

QuestionIt's an eerie feeling to wake up and still think you're dreaming but to both wake from the same dream must be very disconcerting. You communicated with your fiancé in your dream and together tried to resolve a problem that was troubling you both.

Telepathic Dreams like this are sometimes called Mutual Dreams.

Ghosts ,in dreams, often represent shadowy anxieties that have to be brought into the light of reason.



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