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Dreams About People Who Died

It is common to dream about people who we have lost and in many cases these dreams are symbolic: it is our unconscious helping us come to terms with a death and an emotional loss. For the symbolic meanings of death dreams see here. There are also times when the spirits of the dead may appear in our dreams and many people believe that these are real encounters. The examples and questions and answers below are from my newspaper column where I have addressed some of these issues.

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Dead appear at a Wedding

I do hope that you will be able to help me. I have the strangest dreams nearly every night. I am either at a wedding or a special gathering but the people that are there are people that have passed on. Some of them have been gone for years and others only a short time. Mostly I see my mother and father. Do you think that they are trying to tell me something? I suffer badly from arthritis and confined in a wheelchair.

Mrs Cathy T

A wedding is a time when people that love one another are united in a bond of love. It must be very lonely for you being stuck in your wheelchair particularly as so many people that you love are now on the other side of life. In your dreams your departed loved ones have come close to comfort you. The wedding symbolises that the link of love is never broken and just as a wedding is a happy occasion so too is the time when the people we love from the spirit communicate with us.

Dreams about our departed loved ones are very widespread. Some people worry that it may be an omen of their own death. This is not the case. When we sleep, our minds are relaxed and it is the time when our spirit loved ones can draw close.

Did the Dead talk to me in a Dream?

Can you interpret this peculiar dream? I am on a life-support machine after being knocked down by a car. My mother and the doctor sit by my bed anxiously waiting for any change.Suddenly the machine breaks down and I'm dead. The doctor puts a sheet over my head.

I'm standing in front of huge gates and look around me. I realise that I am on a train station. Passengers get onto the carriages but nobody gets off. A soft voice from the ticket office says ""We were expecting you" I look to see an elderly man with deep brown eyes and snow white hair. IT'S GOD!

He explains that the train goes to paradise and says "You must choose. You must choose..." over and over again. God shows me photographs of various people and animals that I can reincarnate as. Suddenly I'm back on the life support machine and my mother and the doctor are full of excitement shouting "It's a miracle!!" I become a celebrity because I have met God and lived to tell the tale. All the press want to interview me.

The thing that most puzzles me though, is that I am not afraid of death and definitely don't believe in God.

Mrs Karen C.

Despite the fact that you're an atheist your subconscious still wrestles with the eternal questions of life and death. Because your conscious mind had so firmly rejected the concept of God your subconscious mind raises the unresolved questions in the form of humour.

The dream start on an emotionally charged note with you on your death bed and your mother besides you. I expect she holds traditional religious beliefs. The doctor symbolises a scientific view of life, worrying over your plight. Then the dream turns to a humorous note. A white bearded God gives out tickets for a one way trip to heaven. 'We were expecting you ' has all the pathos of a bad movie.

So although you say that you definitely don't believe in God or fear death your dreams would suggest that deep down inside you haven't fully made up your mind. There are still questions to be asked and intellectual choices to be made about the meaning of life and death

Did I see the the Light of the Spirit World in my Dream?

I was walking towards a bright light. When I got there I reached a beautiful archway which had gold all around it. I walked through the archway, where I saw freshly laid very green grass with a pathway. There were bushes with gold all around the edges.

I kept walking and saw all these happy people waving and smiling, but they were wearing long white robes. Some were sitting on benches but everyone seemed happy. 


CRAIG’S REPLY: This dream is a metaphor for your spiritual journey to awakening. Light is a symbol of awareness and its brightness here represents your awakening to higher consciousness. In life, you may have recently had a deep spiritual experience, an epiphany perhaps, symbolised by the gate. Alternatively you may have just overcome a difficult phase in your life and now be feeling more optimistic. The gate represents passing from one psychological state to another.

Ahead you see the lush green of the grass and the golden hues of the bushes – all positive colours of growth, happiness and security. Clearly this is a heavenly place with its happy people and paradisiacal setting. As a symbol the dream reminds you of how happy you can be and that life is indeed good.

Often our dreams also help us to address bigger philosophical issues such as our place in the cosmos and our own mortality. As a reader of Psychic News you may be a spiritualist and this dream could be a reminder from your soul of the bigger picture and the eternal progress of the soul from this world and into the beyond.

See also Dreams About Meeting The Dead

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