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Houses and Buildings

To dream about a house is to dream about you. The structure and form of the house represents your inner and outer state. The rooms represent the inner you and the building itself can symbolise your state of health and body.


My dreams are often set in a small decaying cellar. I always wake up feeling bad about life when this happens. What does this dream mean? - D J- Gloucester UK.

 Buildings and houses are symbols of yourself. The upstairs represents your conscious mind and the lower floors and cellar your hidden self.

The cramped feeling of the cellar indicates frustration and a need to expand your activities or thinking. Decayed or crumbling buildings indicate that your self-image has suffered. Get your hair done, buy a new outfit and treat yourself to a few activities that make you feel good about yourself.

Different parts of a house may symbolise different times. For example, modern rooms may represent the conscious mind whereas the oldest areas may represent the ancient mind- the unconscious. Also the condition of the building may express how you feel about yourself. In addition it can also represent your physical health. Sometimes decayed buildings are the prelude to the onset of an illness.


1. What aspect of me does the house represent? You mind, body or spirit? The house may represent how you see yourself. If you recognise the need for a psychological spring clean then get to work straight away.

2. Is the house symbolic of past circumstances? For example, your parental home may symbolise your childhood feelings. Ask yourself what personal associations the buildings of your dream have for you.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of small buildings spells bad luck says superstition but if the building is big you will experience positive changes soon. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreaming of a long corridor that has no end may show that you are desperate to escape a repetitive situation. As well as external troubles this dream could also symbolise repetitive behaviour patterns that you need to be free of. In most dreams, corridors represent the passing of one phase of your life to another.

Mystical Interpretation: In mysticism, corridors and passageways are places where energy moves fast and cannot accumulate. To dream of a corridor may therefore show that you are in danger of loosing your energy and vitality. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: If a door opens outward, it may show that you have a need to be more accessible to others. However, an inward opening door may represent your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery. A door may also represent a new opening in your waking life or a desire to open up your feelings. If the door is locked, you may feel that opportunities are being denied you or alternatively it can represent ‘closing the door to the past’.

Mystical Interpretation: There are lot’s of dream oracles for this one: a door knob means unexpected good luck, hinges bring family problems, locked doors show missed opportunities, an open door predicts good fortune, a revolving door means a monotonous period ahead and a trap door predicts shocking news. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A garden is a promising dream symbol that may show inner growth and stability. Sometimes dream gardens are symmetrical with a central point. This mandala symbol represents the inner wholeness of your true self. Pools, water and fountains show the pure spiritual energies that constitute your nature. This dream may indicate inner healing after a period of discord and unease.

Mystical Interpretation: Some sources claim that to dream of a garden foretells a marriage to a very beautiful woman or a handsome man. Top


(see also Buildings)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A hall is the centre from which we can access the whole house. To dream of entering a hall may therefore represent the beginning of your adventure in self-exploration.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of a long hallway predicts a period of worry ahead. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may be about your need for security. You may feel that your situation is better now. For example, do you feel ‘at home’ in your job is your environment ‘homely’? Perhaps you feel that after a period of struggle you are now on home ground? Your dream may also include references to your own childhood or, if single, thoughts about starting a family of your own.

Mystical Interpretation: The nomadic gypsies claim that to dream of being forced to leave your home indicates that a favourable opportunity awaits you. Top


(see also Buildings)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A house represents your psychological condition. Specific rooms in the house detail what aspect of your psychological life the dream is highlighting. Attic: the intellect. Basement: the personal unconscious. Bathroom: base feelings, childhood thoughts, and cleanliness. Bedroom: the private self and sexuality. Den: work and efficiency. Library: intellectual life. Living room: your public image. Roof: an overview of yourself. Windows: the way to interact with the world.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream lore has many different interpretations for this dream. Here’s the simplest: Country house: tranquillity ahead. Building a house: you will be self-confident. New house: a busy social life. Empty house: low income. Moving house: worries about money. Top


(see also Buildings)

Psychological Dream Meaning: In psychological terms, the food prepared in a kitchen is symbolic of the spiritual nourishment you give yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: If the kitchen is clean and tidy it is an auspicious dream that predicts harmony within the family. Top


(see also Buildings)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Rooms stand for different aspects of your personality. The living room represents the conscious mind, the cellars the unconscious and the upper rooms represent your higher aspirations and spirituality.

Mystical Interpretation: The variations on this theme are too numerous to list. However, one interesting superstition states that to dream of your bedroom means that you will visit far away lands. Top


(see also Buildings and House)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The storeys of a building represent levels of consciousness. The top floor may represent your spirituality and the basement represents the unconscious. The floors in between represent the many states of mind that you experience.

Mystical Meaning: If you dream of being at the top of a big building, you will achieve success. Top


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Psychological Dream Meaning: The cause of your dream may simply be that you need to go to the toilet. Your unconscious recognised your body’s need to go and uses the dream to wake you up. Freud had a field day with this one. He associated dreams of excretion with the anal phase of psychosexual development. A child will experience erogenous satisfaction from excretion. If they are reprimanded for wetting the bed or insensitively treated during potty training then, in adult life, they may experience similar feelings of guilt and shame towards sexual functions. Surprisingly, Freud also believed that toiletting in dreams represents creativity. Alternatively, dreaming of using the toilet may be your desire to rid yourself of something that contributes nothing to your wellbeing. This may be an archaic way of behaviour or an obsolete lifestyle. Similarly, your unconscious may be drawing your attention to an illness in which toiletting symbolises your body’s need to rid itself of toxins.

Mystical Interpretation: Believe it or not, to dream of a toilet indicates that there will be legal troubles connected with property deals. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A vault may represent the unconscious. What you find there may be of significance. For example, if the vault is a crypt the corpses may represent parts of yourself that are no longer an active part of your personality. They may represent problems and issues that have been ‘laid to rest’. If you find yourself in a bank vault, this may symbolise opportunities for happiness and spiritual unfoldment. The treasures are your rich psychological potential which you have found by exploring the unconscious.

Mystical Interpretation: A very old dream book tells us “If a man dreams he is wandering in black vaults or cellars it is a sign he will marry an artful widow and shall be her drudge, never fathoming her wickedness and craft.” You can’t get more specific than that! Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may be undertaking work on yourself. Your dream may give you methods to start this self-improvement. Perhaps the thing being fixed or made gives you a clue about what aspect of yourself needs attention. Your dream may also give solutions practical problems and latent skills that you may want to develop.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of workers or a workshop is an excellent sign for according to superstition this means happiness in both love and business. Top

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