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Eating and the consumption of food and drink are symbols that represent the qualities we take into ourselves. In a dream this can symbolise emotional qualities that are either positive or negative to our well-being. They are symbols for the things we need to assimilate – to digest. The dream symbols for food represent incoming ideas, emotions and beliefs.  


Psychological Dream Meaning: The apple may be considered as a sexual symbol. It is the forbidden fruit associated with the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and so with ‘sin’ by which sex is usually meant. Freud pointed out that eating is connected with sexuality because the mouth is the first erogenous zone discovered by young children. From a Freudian viewpoint apples stand for lasciviousness. Your dream may be saying that you have a sexual appetite and want to taste the fruits of life. Alternatively, apples may symbolise knowledge as this is what Adam and Eve gained after falling from innocence. On a mundane level you may have personal associations with the symbol such as an ‘apple computer’ the ‘Big Apple’ or maybe as a symbol of good diet and health.   

Mystical Interpretation: It is a good omen to dream of apples particularly if they are red. Ripe and sweet apples promises you will be rewarded but if the apples are sour you are in danger of loss because of your own foolishness. Fallen apples on the ground warn of false friends. And if the apple is decayed then all your efforts will be hopeless. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream can represent plans that you are nearly ready to put into action. You should soon benefit for bread represents the qualities of nourishment and wholesomeness. This dream can also represent pregnancy. The oven is the womb and the bread is the growing child. But don’t rush off to buy a cot and baby booties just yet: the dream is most likely to be a metaphor rather than a prediction of an actual birth. It may be showing the development of a new idea or a period of spiritual development. 

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of baking brings good luck say the old superstitions. Unfortunately this dream prophesy only applies to men. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A cake is usually divided between a number of people and may refer to something that has to be shared. For example, you may feel that you are not getting your fair share of a wage increase at work. Or the cake may refer to your emotional life. A wife, for example may feel the her husband gives too much attention to his work, children and TV but she misses out. Or perhaps you’re being selfish: “You want to have your cake and eat it.” as the English saying goes.

Mystical Interpretation: Ancient rites used to make man shaped cakes which were eaten so as to gain the powers of the gods of the corn. The story of the ginger bread man may have originated from these ancient traditions. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A freshly opened bottle of champagne is often considered to be a symbol of ejaculation and represents the sexual act. Of course it may also symbolise a celebration or a personal achievement that you feel pleased about. The effervescence of Champaign may denote a new burst of creativity or the ‘bubbly’ side of your personality..

Mystical Interpretation: Dreaming about champagne forecasts financial difficulties ahead but predicts a happy romance if your dream is set at a wedding reception. Top


(See also Food)

Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of preparing food for other people, this may indicate that you have a desire to influence others. You may want people to like you or become dependent upon you. Cooking can also symbolise your need to transform a realisation of a ‘raw’ truth or emotion into something more palatable. Finally, the dream may represent your awareness of plans in preparation i.e. ‘something’s cooking’.

Mystical Interpretation: The dream weavers of old say that to dream of cooking means that many friends will visit you in the future. Top


(see also Food)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Freud considered the mouth, through which food enters the body, to be the primary erogenous zone. Dreams of eating are therefore closely associated with sexuality. If you dream of gorging yourself it can indicate that you have an indulgent sexuality whereas dreaming of fasting or starvation may indicate that you deny your sexual needs. Eating out at restaurants is often part of couples courting rituals. In dreams meals that have an enjoyable atmosphere reflect a confirmation of intimacy with others and good social relationships. Dreaming of eating in uncomfortable or threatening surroundings may represent frigidity and unhappiness with your relationships.  An alternative explanation is that eating symbolises qualities that you are making part of yourself. For example, you may be digesting some new ideas or perhaps a problem is ‘eating at you’.

Mystical Interpretation: Generally to dream of eating warns of a quarrel or business loss. Seers claimed that it is particularly bad to dream of eating salt or lard as this is a sign of a serious argument. Fortunately, I have never had this dream myself. Top


(see also Shell)

Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of an egg promises that something new is about to happen in your life. You may be ‘hatching’ a new idea or plan. After a period of waiting  wonderful new possibilities will open to you. At this stage you will need to carefully nurture your plans as eggs are delicate things and can be easily broken. The egg could also symbolise inner potentials that are developing within you. You may be learning new skills or feel that you are developing into a new and better person. You need time to incubate this new side of yourself. Soon you will be able to ‘break out of your shell’.

Mystical Interpretation: According to Oneirocriticon by Astrampsychus (c. AD 350) “to hold an egg symbolises vexation” Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You have the emotional need to gouge yourself. This may not necessarily be on food – you may have a ravenous sexual appetite. Consider whether there is an imbalance in your life that needs redressing. Alternatively, perhaps you are over-indulging in feelings of self-pity or are greedy to have material things. You may need to set limits upon your desires.

Mystical Interpretation: All is well as long as you enjoy the food. If the food tastes bad or you are refused food then you will soon experience disappointments. Top


(see also Eating)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Food represents the qualities we take into ourselves and for Sigmund Freud it symbolised sexuality. (see Eating) The different types of food you dream about can symbolise a variety of things: Fruit can symbolise sensuality but it can also represent the receiving of rewards or abundance. To dream of bitter fruits such as lemons may indicate that you feel bitterness about a situation or person influencing your life. Perhaps it’s you that has the sour attitude? Milk can symbolise human kindness, sugar sweet words and frozen food may indicate that you have frozen emotions. There are thousands of possible qualities symbolised by food. You will need to examine what your personal associations are with the food featured in your dream. For example, Freud considered that chocolate or any luxurious food represented self-reward. Do you get a feeling of guilt when you look at a fattening cream cake and could it therefore represent guilt in your dreams.

Mystical Interpretation: Since the times of the Ancient Greeks to dream of food was interpreted in sexual terms. Peaches and other succulent fruits stood for lasciviousness, while others such as pomegranates symbolised fertility. It was an apple the caused Adam and Eve to be booted out of Eden. Food such as bread symbolised a more restrained, fertility-orientated sexuality and many primitive cultures believe that if you eat meat you will take on the spiritual qualities of that particular animal. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Honey is represents sweetness and feelings that bring you happiness such as love, peace and joy. It is the spirit or life force that sustains us. In the Far East, lies are sometimes called ‘poisoned honey’.

Mystical Interpretation: Honey is the food of the gods so this dream may be showing your desire to attain divine consciousness. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may simply feel hungry. However, from a symbolic perspective this dream can represent craving for sex, power, wealth, fame etc. Perhaps you feel a lack of satisfaction and that your potential is not being recognised. You may be hungry for affection or an opportunity.

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that the hungrier you are the more destiny will smile upon you. Top


(See also Honey)

Psychological Dream Meaning: We have a saying: ‘Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow but never jam today.’ This dream may represent how you feel that you keep missing the rewards of hard work and live forever on promises. Jam may represent the sweet things in life. Alternatively the dream may be a pun: Are you ‘in a jam’ or a ‘sticky mess’? If your jam is covered in wasps you may feel that your security is threatened by people or events that threaten you harm.

Mystical Interpretation: If a woman dreams of making jam, she will be surrounded by appreciative friends. Top


(see also Buildings)

Psychological Dream Meaning: In psychological terms, the food prepared in a kitchen is symbolic of the spiritual nourishment you give yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: If the kitchen is clean and tidy it is an auspicious dream that predicts harmony within the family. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may represent your maternal instincts. Similarly, it may represent mother-love or nurturing of ideas. If you dream of drinking milk this may show your need for spiritual sustenance. If you dream of giving milk to others this may show how you are teaching spiritual values or giving spiritual inspiration to others.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream of drinking milk is an omen of good health, particularly if it is a mother’s milk. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A nut may represent the ego that must be destroyed before the spiritual self can emerge. A green nut cannot be opened but when a nut is ready one little tap will do. In the same way enlightenment comes when the time is ripe.

Mystical Interpretation: According to superstition to dream of nuts is a sign that money is coming. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Something’s cooking. The oven may offer a promise of nourishment in the future. For the time being you have to wait for your reward. A Freudian interpretation is that an oven represents the womb and can be a symbol for pregnancy. You may be giving birth to new ideas and be expressing a new attitude.

Mystical Interpretation: To dream you are cooking at an oven is a sign of a change. If the oven is hot the change will be for the good but if it’s cold, watch out. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of consuming something poisonous this may indicate that you are introducing something into yourself that is harmful to your well being. This may be bad feelings or bitterness on your part. Similarly, the poison could represent the underhand actions by others or a fear of being the target of innuendo.

Mystical Interpretation: As you would expect, superstition says that dreaming of poison indicates that you will suffer because of the wrongdoing of others. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Salt can represent the spiritual essence of life. (Salt preserves and is in itself indestructible. It is also the residue that remains after the body has decayed) It may also represent tears as these taste of salt or the unconscious, as symbolised by the sea. Alternatively, your dream may be saying that someone is ‘rubbing salt in the wound’.

Mystical Meaning: Salt has also been used as a symbol for enlightenment: If salt is mixed with water what becomes of it? The salt crystals are gone but if we taste the water we know that it is still there. It is the same when the self merges with Nirvana. The individual has gone but the essence remains as part of the One. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A seed is a symbol of potential. It may show that you have recognised an opportunity in your waking life or it may represent your potential for personal growth. For a couple planning a family, it may represent conception.

Mystical Meaning: My research reveal that seeds represent increasing prosperity in most archaic dream books. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Are you exhibiting sickly sweet emotions? Syrup may represent excessive sentimentality or nostalgia.

Mystical Meaning: Some superstitions associate dreaming of sweet things as sexy. It is now known that the human brain produces a chemical called phenylethylamine when lovers are in a state of excitement. It is also found in chocolate. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: At home and work we meet and discus plans over a table. In your dream, it represents your relationships with other people. Items put onto the table represent something about your life that is being brought into the open. Perhaps the dream is saying that you should be more open with people. As the saying goes, you should '‘put your cards on the table’.

Mystical Interpretation: A table is an omen of domestic comfort and a happy contented marriage partner. Top


(see also Food)

Psychological Dream Meaning: These may be a symbol for psychological growth. You dream may also be telling you that you need to improve your diet.

Mystical Interpretation: Freud tells us that dreaming of eating is symbol for the sexual act and that most vegetables are phallus symbols. He is not alone. Some superstitions claim that vegetables shaped like a man are aphrodisiacs. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Red wine may symbolise blood and therefore the life force. To dream of drinking wine may augur well for health and show that you are starting a more satisfying phase of life. Red wine could also symbolise the passions. Old bottled wine may symbolise maturity.

Mystical Interpretation: In France, and now in California, it is believed that it is bad luck to pass wine around a table in an anti clockwise direction. To dream of drinking wine is a sign of a comfortable home. If wine is spilled, someone will be injured. If you dream of making wine, you will have success. And if you dream about being drunk on wine, you will soon have a big success. Top

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