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Some researchers believe that dreams are the mind’s way of allowing the emotions to cool down. The feelings and emotions in a dream express the anxieties we have in daily life. By carefully considering the feelings that the symbols trigger in us we can quickly understand their meaning and what they are trying to tell us about ourselves.

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Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams can give us the opportunity to express feelings and emotions that we are unable to express in normal life. There may be some aggression within yourself that you have not acknowledged fully. The dream may also be suggesting that you be more assertive and stop taking such a passive attitude to circumstances. You may feel undervalued, rejected or jealous and harbour hostile wishes towards someone close to you. If someone else was angry with you, they might represent a characteristic of yourself that you dislike. Are you being angry with yourself? Do you feel guilty about an issue? The psychologist Alfred Adler believed that aggressive drives motivate most people but can be sublimated and directed into creative channels.

Mystical Interpretation: According to some timeworn sources, anger in a dream denotes that some unlawful trial awaits you. It foretells disappointment in love and attacks upon your character. However, if you are angry with a stranger then some unexpected good news is on its way. An invitation is likely. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: Nobody knows for certain why we sleep. Many scientists say that we sleep in order to dream and that dreams are the brain’s way of bringing the emotions back into balance. Experiments have shown that if a person is consistently deprived of dream sleep they will suffer from emotional disorders. Dreams resolve our anxieties and restore psychological equilibrium. It is quite natural to have dreams that express your anxieties and the emotions that cannot be asserted in everyday life. Sigmund Freud believed that anxiety dreams are a disguise for some repressed aggression or resentment. Whenever anxiety reappears in our dreams we need to look for likely repressed feelings or desires that initiated the anxiety. In particular, Freud identified repressed childhood feelings of resentment, jealousy and hostility towards parents and family as giving rise to these dreams.  

Mystical Interpretation: Superstition says that anxiety dreams have the opposite meaning showing that a worry will very soon be relieved. In some ways this is true, for by expressing your fears in your dreams you’ve come a little closer to resolving your hidden fears. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams often expose our hidden weaknesses and fears. You may feel that your self-confidence has been undermined or feel insecure about your sexuality.

Mystical Interpretation: Some old dream superstitions say that dreams represent the opposite to what they appear to mean. In this case, the greater the embarrassment you feel, the greater your success will be! Top




Psychological Dream Meaning: Fear of failure may originate in childhood and stem from fears of punishment or withdrawal of love. Failure themes can occur in dreams about missing trains, muddling up your words, or failing an examination. Too many people self-programme themselves with failure habits. Instead of focussing on where you go wrong emphasise the things you get right. Give yourself permission to succeed.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of failing in business or love you will succeed in both say the dream books of bygone days. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Bad memories, feelings of guilt, self-doubt, worries, anger, carnal desires, insecurities and anxieties are often pushed out of our waking thoughts and repressed. Nightmares occur when these hidden fears force us to pay attention to them. This is a opportunity to discover what part of you is threatening to destroy your inner peace. What is it that you fear so much that you have to push it away into the darkness of the unconscious?

Mystical Interpretation: The superstitions come close to modern psychology with this one: If you overcome whatever frightens you in your dreams, you will also overcome the things that frighten you in waking life. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of missing a train, being unable to read an important message, searching in vain for something or failing to convince someone of the truth of an argument, then your dream is expressing deep-set frustrations. You may be concerned that your life is not going in the direction you want or may feel a repressed anger at the stubbornness of the people in your life. It is important that you discover why you feel so frustrated so that you can deal more effectively with its causes.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream superstition takes frustrations to mean the opposite- all your plans will succeed.


Psychological Dream Meaning: These are probably feelings that you have carried forward from your waking life. Your dream may be revealing covetous feelings that you were previously unaware of having. Similarly, you may have unconsciously recognised jealousy from your family friends or colleagues. Your dream may be warning you.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream oracles warn of narrow-minded people and the clandestine influence of enemies. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be triggered by a physical ache. Dreams can reveal a great deal about our health and give warnings about potential illness. As well as diagnosing, they sometimes give remedies such as a change in diet or lifestyle. As a symbol, pain occurring in a dream, may represent the emotional hurt you feel at the moment.

Mystical Interpretation: Some dream oracles claim that to feel pain in a dream means that a trivial transaction will cause you a great deal of unhappiness. Other oracles contradict this and say that it means unexpected money is coming your way. Perhaps the key to success is to be careful. Top


(see also Abandonment)

Psychological Dream Meaning: You may be refusing to accept an influence in your life or a situation that is being imposed upon you. If you are the one rejected this may reveal that you have hidden feelings of a lack of self-worth or alienation from others. Sometimes there are sexual undertones to this type of dream. Freud would say that it is you who are rejecting yourself. Your super-ego (conventional conscience and attitudes) is rejecting your sexual desire. You may be punishing yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: Some dream oracles insist that you reverse your dream. Rejection therefore means success. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of behaving violently, then you may harbour hidden feelings of resentment towards someone who is preventing you from progressing. Alternatively, you may be denying something within yourself. This dream can show the need to assert yourself when dealing with people and to be more accepting of your own failings. You have too much repressed emotion. If the violence in the dream is directed toward you, then you may be punishing yourself and feel guilt about an issue. Does the outside world make you feel vulnerable at this time? You may feel that everything is against you now but should remain hopeful in the knowledge that a change for the better will inevitably come in time.

Mystical Interpretation: Another dream that should be reversed says superstition. If you are violently attacked, it means better times for you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams confront us with emotional issues that we would usually rather avoid in waking life. Clearly, something is upsetting you deeply. The other symbols in the dream may help you identify the cause of your unhappiness.

Mystical Interpretation: The oracles say that this is a contrary dream denoting festivity, joy and laughter. Top













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