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Worries, anxieties and an emotional shock can result in dreams about disasters and accidents. It is important to understand that these are usually not predictions of real events. The nature of the disaster that happens in the dream can reveal specific information about what is troubling you and suggest ways to heal your anxieties.


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Aeroplane Crash 

see also: Flying.

Dreams about Airplane Crashes


Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream may be telling you something about a potentially ‘explosive’ situation that you have to deal with in your waking life. Alternatively, it could be something within yourself such as a desire to explode with anger about an issue that’s affecting you. Similarly the bomb could represent repressed desires and drives that are likely to explode if not dealt with. You would be wise to proceed with caution and exercise inner calm. Why not take up meditation- it would help you to defuse this inner time bomb.

Mystical Interpretation: A heated argument will have a happy ending if you dream of a bomb says dream superstition. Top

Car Crash

Psychological Dream Meaning: Surprisingly, Freud believed that the smooth motion of a car was not a symbol of sexual wish-fulfilment. Instead, it represented the progress of psychoanalysis. A car is most likely to represent yourself and your ability to control your life. Are you a good driver in your dream? If so, you may also be steering the right course in life. However, if you drive badly or have an accident then your unconscious may be warning you that you are making mistakes. You may be driving yourself too hard and heading for an emotional crash. Maybe someone else is driving the car? You may feel that this person, or the qualities they represent, is controlling your life. The dream may be expressing your over-dependence and lack of control.

Mystical Interpretation: The ancients didn’t have cars but they did have carts and the meaning is much the same. One source claims that to ride a vehicle is a sign that there will be changes at home or in business. If your mode of transport is broken then news from a friend tells of trouble. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Something is upsetting you that has destroyed your feeling of security. You may feel that your whole world is falling apart and you ‘quake with fear’. Similarly, something may be threatening you from below the surface of your awareness. This may be a repressed fear or anxiety that you have pushed underground into the depths of your unconscious.

Mystical Interpretation: Dream superstition interprets earthquakes as a symbol for a change in circumstances. Top


Many times, as I'm going to sleep, I dream that I am walking along the road and suddenly trip up and fall towards the pavement. I always wake up before I hit the ground. Why do I dream this?- J.H- London.

Dreams about falling usually occur as you are "falling off" to sleep. They may be triggered by a drop in blood pressure, a movement of the fluid in the middle ear, or a limb dangling off the side of the bed.

Some psychologists believe that these are archaic memories from the time when we were tree-dwelling monkeys. The ape-men that survived their fall passed on their genes with the memory of the event. The dead ones did not. And that's why so often you dream of falling but of never hitting the ground.

As a symbol, falling highlights a loss of emotional equilibrium or self-control. You may fear "letting go" in real life. Anxiety usually accompanies this dream. It may represent your insecurity, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of failure or an inability to cope with a situation. There could also be a literal interpretation. You may have noticed something unsafe- a loose stair rail, wobbly ladder or insecure window. Check it out. The dream may be a warning.


1. Am I over ambitious? Perhaps you have 'climbed above your station' and experiencing the 'pride before a fall'. You may have to lower your sights somewhat and set yourself goals that are more realistic.

2. Do I fear letting go?  The dream may be urging you to stop resisting an impulse from the unconscious. The psychologist Strephon Kaplan-Williams suggests that you should relive the dream in your imagination and let the fall complete itself. In this way, you find out what is frightening you. You 'get to the bottom' of the problem.

Mystical Interpretation: Some sources claim that if you dream of falling into mud then it means that someone has told lies about you. Other dreams about falling forecast monetary loss. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: To dream of being in the future may represent the way you hope or fear things will turn out. Your dream may be saying “If you carry on behaving the way you are this is the situation you’re likely to find yourself in.” However, your dream may not necessarily be a premonition of actual events to come.

Mystical Interpretation: J. W. Dunne in his famous book An Experiment with Time proposed that dreams can tell of future events and cited many examples from his dream diaries. However, it is wise not to take these dreams too literally as the unconscious can distort the information it receives. For example, Dunne dreamed of being killed by a bull. In the next few days he was chased by a bull but certainly not killed. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Lightning can suggest the emotional shock that we experience from sudden and unexpected events. Lightning can be destructive yet it can also show the illuminating brilliance of inspiration. We talk of being ‘struck’ by a great idea or insight. Lightning also reminds us of the awesome power of nature and how many of the forces that govern our lives remain beyond our control.

Mystical Interpretation: Gods of thunder and lightening have appeared in the earliest mythologies. Some authorities believe these ancient gods are the original gods of Neolithic man preserved in the stories and legends that were passed on from generation to generation. Like many of these archaic myths, lightening may be a sexual symbol. When lightening strikes the ground, it represents mother earth being impregnated by the sky-god. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The person or thing that you rescue may represent an aspect of yourself that has been neglected or ignored. They symbolise an aspect of yourself that is trying to find expression. If you are being rescued then consider what the scene represents. For example, rescue from a ferocious animal may show that you fear your animal nature. Rescue from a stormy sea may show how close you came to drowning in your emotions. Who is it that rescues you? This person may represent the psychological qualities and attitudes that you should apply to your life.

Mystical Interpretation: Mystical traditions claim that everyone has the potential to be super human. Deep within you there is a psychological resource that enables you to achieve just about anything. You can rescue any situation. Nothing is impossible. Top

Train Crash

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Psychological Dream Meaning: A war is being waged within yourself. Is it necessary or would a reconciliation be better than victory? There may be a conflict between what you want to do and what you feel you ought to do. Perhaps you are being too hard on yourself? Carl Jung considered dreams of war to be between the dreamer’s conscious and unconscious minds. It may represent the struggle between the deep instinctive forces and the rules of conscious conduct. However, sometimes this inner turmoil is necessary in order to allow the wisdom of the conscience to activate. Accept that part of you is trying to find expression. Through acceptance comes peace.

Mystical Interpretation: A warning of difficulties and danger. Top

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