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Cars and Transport

Dreaming of a car represents your journey through life. How you drive and what you encounter is a symbol for what is happening in your life. Other modes of transport have a similar symbolic theme but represent variations on this theme of life’s journey. The speed you drive obstacles and accidents are metaphors for your behaviour and emotional state.


I keep dreaming of car crashes. Do you think that my dream is a forecast for the future? I am beginning to fear driving. - AG- California

Your dream is not necessarily a premonition of the future so do not jump to conclusions. Nightmares of this type reveal deep anxieties and fears. The car crash may symbolise your emotional state. Are you driving yourself too hard? Perhaps you should slow your life down a bit. If your life feels like it is set on a course for disaster, examine your mistakes and resolve to set a new and better course. If the accident happens to someone else in your dream then examine your heart for you may have suppressed hostility towards that person. Unexpressed jealousy resentment or hatred may be finding its release through your dream. Perhaps also the dream refers to accidents of a different kind such as accidentally saying the wrong thing or accidentally forgetting your anniversary.


1. Do I feel emotionally at peace with myself? Probably not but use the dream as a prelude to a more peaceful you. Get yourself in balance. Relax, listen to music, and take up yoga, meditation or some therapeutic activity. And stop punishing yourself!

2. Have I had similar dreams before? If yes, try to recall your emotional state at the time. Remember the lessons you learnt from the past and apply them again to today's circumstances.

Mystical Interpretation: The augury says to take care for 24 hours following the dream. Some dream traditions believe that accidents at sea pertain to love affairs but accidents on land symbolise business problems. Top

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see also: Flying.

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Psychological Dream Meaning: Surprisingly, Freud believed that the smooth motion of a car was not a symbol of sexual wish-fulfilment. Instead, it represented the progress of psychoanalysis. A car is most likely to represent yourself and your ability to control your life. Are you a good driver in your dream? If so, you may also be steering the right course in life. However, if you drive badly or have an accident then your unconscious may be warning you that you are making mistakes. You may be driving yourself too hard and heading for an emotional crash. Maybe someone else is driving the car? You may feel that this person, or the qualities they represent, is controlling your life. The dream may be expressing your over-dependence and lack of control.

Mystical Interpretation: The ancients didn’t have cars but they did have carts and the meaning is much the same. One source claims that to ride a vehicle is a sign that there will be changes at home or in business. If your mode of transport is broken then news from a friend tells of trouble. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Your life has come to a crisis point and you must now choose between a number of options. Each road represents a direction you can travel in your life at this time. The choice may be difficult and painful but you must make your decision.

Mystical Interpretation: They hanged criminals at the crossroads so that the maximum number of travellers would witness the consequences of crime. As a dream symbol the crossroads can therefore represent crime, punishment and death. However most old dream books say that to dream of a crossroads means you will have an important decision to make about love or business. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may feel that you are going up in the world. As no effort is required to make you assent, you may feel that someone is helping you or that destiny is working in your favour. You may also have raised your consciousness and see the world from an elevated standpoint. As you transcend the lower planes and perhaps become more cerebral in your thinking, remember not to loose touch with your instinctive and intuitive nature. If the elevator is descending, it can indicate the decent of the conscious ego into the unconscious in order to explore this hidden world. Alternatively, it may represent the decline of your personal power and status. In both instances, remember it’s who we are, not what we are that counts.

Mystical Interpretation: They didn’t have elevators in the good old days. However, it was always considered a good omen to dream of making an ascent without any obstacles and without stumbling. Top


(see also Accidents, Airplane, Car, Train.)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The act of dreaming is a journey of discovery into the centre of yourself. Consequently, there are many meanings associated with this dream theme. Firstly, the dream may represent your journey through life. An open road suggests progress but a rocky path may show that you feel that your way is arduous. Lush scenery may show that you feel happy with your circumstances but an arid desert may indicate loneliness or a lack of creativity. Sometimes the hard path is the right way forward or you may want to establish a more comfortable, easygoing, pattern of behaviour.

Are you aware of the destination and goal of your journey? Perhaps it is to discover your true self?  You may feel that you tread on hallowed ground as you come closer to your own inner divinity. Sometimes the paths take us to strange lands or unfamiliar foreign countries. This can mean that your unconscious is inviting you to explore it. In mythology, a journey to the west can symbolise the journey to old age whereas an eastward journey can indicate rejuvenation. If towns feature in your dream, consider what they represent. For example, Paris may show that you have a romantic frame of mind whereas cold Moscow may symbolise and emotional Cold War between you and your partner. You will also have many personal associations relating to places. Ask yourself what they represent and what feelings they represent.

Mystical Interpretation: The old-fashioned dream interpretations correspond to the modern meanings. For example, ease of travel or obstacles reflect the ease or difficulties you will find in the future. In addition, the medieval mystics said that to dream of seeing cheerful friends starting out on a journey means that you will experience a very happy period ahead. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: According to some psychologists dreams about being lost frequently symbolises the beginning of a new phase of life and expresses the anxiety of leaving behind the familiar. Your dream may also express your worries about having no direction to your life. At times like this, it is wise to make a simple written list of the things that you want to achieve in life. Set yourself an attainable goal; set a deadline; and go for it!

If you dream of losing something then ask yourself what it symbolises about yourself. For example, if you dream of losing money it may show that you feel you’ve lost your self-confidence or something you value about yourself.

Mystical Interpretation: One dusty old dream book warns that to dream of loosing something means you may cut yourself by accident. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may feel that some of your friends and family take a parasitically attitude to you. Are you spending too much of your available energy carrying others?  If you are a passenger, this may indicate that you are not in control of your life. Are you always meekly going along with other people’s decisions?

Mystical Interpretation: If you see passengers laden with luggage coming towards you then you will see an improvement in your situation. If they are travelling away from you, conditions will deteriorate. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may be an allegory for the way you live. Are you in a perpetual hurry? The dream may reveal your competitive side and how you measure yourselves against other people. Make a conscious decision to slow down and you may achieve more? The old story holds true: the steady progress of the tortoise beats the impulsive hare.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream you are racing a car or running this is a sign that you will soon hear news. If you win, the news will be wonderful. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Freud advises us that riding a bicycle, motorbike or a horse symbolises the rhythm of the sexual act. A tame and well-controlled horse may symbolise control of your passions whereas a runaway horse represents the opposite. The dream could also be a pun. Is your ego ‘riding high?’

Mystical Interpretation: This is deemed by superstition to be a very fortunate dream, particularly if someone you love rides with you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be a metaphor for the roads you travel through life. The twists, turns and obstacles are the difficulties you encounter in ordinary life. A fork in the road or a crossroads may represent a difficult decision you have to make.

Mystical Interpretation: Flowers or trees bordering a road predict success say the dream books of long ago. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A ship may represent the course of your life and the type of ship may say something about your state of mind. For example, you may be in a pleasant mood when you dream about a cruise ship but may be feeling aggressive if it’s a warship. A lifeboat may represent your need to be rescued from the stormy emotions and troubles that beset you and travelling on a submarine may show your desire to explore the unconscious. Or perhaps the dream is simply encouraging about your material success by saying that ‘your ship’s come home’.

Mystical Meaning: A ship in dock or on a calm sea is claimed by the ancient seers to promise happiness in love. If there are storms, happiness will be delayed. There will be worrying news if you dream of a shipwreck. Top


(see also Train and Journey)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A station is a point of departure. It indicates that new opportunities await you and that you are preparing for a new and perhaps exciting venture. Railway lines run in straight lines so your journey to your goal will be direct and on target. A station is also a public place so it may represent your role in society.

Mystical Meaning: It is fortunate to dream of meeting someone at the station for this means that your career will be helped forward by someone with great influence. It can also signify news coming. Top


(see also Cars)

Psychological Dream Meaning: A traffic jam may express your frustration that life is not proceeding as smoothly as you would like it to. You feel stuck. If you dream of being a traffic warden, this may show your desire to impose your own rules on society. You may believe that your social role makes you feel uncomfortable and alienated from others. Let’s face it, not many people like traffic wardens.

Mystical Interpretation: Family problems will be solved but you’ll need a lot of patience if the traffic is in a jam say the wise sages of superstition. Top


(see also Journeys Station)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Your future is ‘on track’. As trains follow a fixed route, this dream may suggest that you are being helped with your journey through life. If you dream of missing a train or passing your destination, it may indicate that you feel that you have missed an opportunity. Also, are you a conformist? Jung believed that to dream of taking a public vehicle often means that the dreamer is not finding their own way forward and is behaving like everyone else. (Freud believed that to dream of missing a train meant missing death. He also was convinced that all dreams involving motion represented disguised wish fulfilments for sexual intercourse. In particular he claimed that a train represents a penis and when it goes into a tunnel this indicates sexual intercourse.)

Mystical Interpretation: Dreamers of long ago believed that to dream of travelling indicates a change in your fortunes. It is particularly fortunate if the destination is towards high hills or mountains. And, if the journey is in a straight line, your good fortune comes swiftly. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A wagon may represent slow but sure progress. If you dream of being on a wagon train of pioneers then this may show your desire to explore the unconscious or your hope for a more exciting lifestyle. The dream may be a pun for temperance: “on the wagon”.

Mystical Interpretation: If you ride someone else’s wagon you will be poor but if you dream it is your own you will be rich says ancient folklore. Top

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