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Body Parts

In dreams the body is a symbol for your ego and your identity. It can also be a metaphor for your inner life and your spiritual aspirations. The parts of the body can represent aspects of your identity. Bodily illness and damage can represent your feelings of inner discord or can sometimes be a warning of actual ill health. One of the primary functions of the dream is to restore and maintain inner harmony and mental health.

Abdomen (lower body)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The dream may have a physiological cause such as constipation or indigestion. Emotionally there may be something worrying you, something that you 'cannot stomach' or want to 'get out of your system'. There can also be sexual innuendo in the dream symbolism and, for a woman, it can indicate a desire for motherhood.

Mystical Interpretation: Traditional folklore says that to dream of your own abdomen promises great things that you must work hard for but the dream can also foretell of infidelity. A shrivelled abdomen warns of lies, a swollen one promises ultimate success and if there is blood, it warns of a tragedy within the family. Top

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Psychological Dream Meaning: The back area of the body, the back of an object, a stage or a building symbolises parts of yourself that are hidden from view. The back may also represent secrets that you keep from other people or aspects of your personality that you would prefer not to think about. If the dream gives you a feeling of unease then these hidden traits may have negative characteristics. You may  pushed away feelings of guilt, shame, fear or self-disgust.

Mystical Interpretation: Traditionally, evil is said to stand behind us. The preacher may say ‘Get thee behind me Satan’ or if we spill salt we remedy the bad luck by throwing a little over our left shoulder and into the eye of the devil. Similarly, your dream may point to an aspect of your life that is now over, a situation that you have  ‘put behind you’. Maybe your dream contains other puns: Is someone ‘getting your back up’ or perhaps you feel that you need a ‘pat on the back’. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of losing your hair you may be worried about your self-image and how others perceive you. You may feel insecure and anxious. You may also feel that you do not have the power to succeed in an undertaking and may be unconsciously reminded of how Samson lost his strength when his hair was cut. You may also harbour fears of increasing age or a lack of virility. If you are loosing your hair in real life then this dream is expressing your anxieties about your hair loss. For goodness sake, stop being so vain.

Mystical Interpretation: European and American cultures believe that to dream of being bald is a sign that you will soon have a financial loss. However, this superstition is reversed for the Batoro tribe who live between Lakes Albert and Edward in east Africa. Fertility and prosperity is guaranteed the Batoro bride only if every hair on her head and body is shaved before she marries. The girl is then covered with copious quantities of oil. To dream of being bald is therefore an auspicious sign. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A beard symbolises the primitive man within you- the untamed, sexual side of yourself. According To Freud, a man who dreams of having his beard cut fears castration- a symbol of loss of sexual confidence. If a woman dreams of growing a beard it may show a desire to play a man’s role i.e. to have a more powerful job or be assertive. Long beards are associated with old age and wisdom. A wizened old man with a long grey beard represents the insight that comes from the unconscious. It is your own higher self that can guide you to greater knowledge and understanding.

Mystical Interpretation: An Arab will not thank you if you pull his beard for this is considered a terrible insult. Wars have been waged over lesser sins. Similarly in Europe and America to dream of a beard  signifies a fierce battle ahead. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Blood is a symbol of life. If you dream of loosing blood then you may be suffering from exhaustion or feel emotionally drained by a situation. Blood can also symbolise passion, especially love, anger or even violence. Women sometimes dream of blood at the start of their menstruation.

Mystical Interpretation: In many ancient rituals the participants would drink the blood of the sacrificial animal. This represented sharing in the power and strength of the gods. Similarly, to dream of drinking blood may be a grizzly symbol for receiving new vitality. Top


(see also Skull)

Psychological Dream Meaning: Your dream may be showing you the ‘bare bones’ of a situation. Being stripped or cut to the bone may signify a sudden insight or an attack on your personality. To dream of fractured limbs may represent a threat to the foundations of life, and to personal power. If you dream of broken bones they you may have discovered a fundamental weakness in your plans or psychology. Sometimes, bones may refer to a secret ‘skeleton in the closet’

Mystical Interpretation: Goddesses with strings of skulls around their necks or waists refer to the negative, devouring side of time. Perhaps you fear getting older? Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Most likely, this dream symbol is a sexual one that shows your desire for love. However, it may also represent the nurturing qualities of the mother. You may be nurturing new ideas and plans. A Freudian interpretation would ask you to question whether you are too attached to your real mother, an attachment that may be preventing you from achieving your independence.

Mystical Interpretation: If a woman dreams of having shrivelled breasts she will be disappointed in love but is they are buxom and lily white she will be rich. The ancient books tell us nothing about men who have these dreams. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may have fears that you have lost your virility or feel under some form of sexual pressure.

Mystical Interpretation: The myth of Saturn castrating his father may represent the fear of maturity and the conflicting desire to supplant the father. Top


(see also Box)

Psychological Dream Meaning: It is with the chest that we breath in the air that gives us life. It may therefore represent the centre of your vitality.

Mystical Interpretation: A large chest warns that you may run into debt say the auguries of old. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: An ear may be telling you to listen to what you are being told. The advice may be coming from people you know in waking life or from your own inner self. Perhaps you should listen to the voice of your conscience?

Mystical Interpretation: You will hear news soon, but if your ears ache do not trust the person who tells you. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: These ‘widows to the soul’ give us clues to the state of our spiritual health and wellbeing. If the eyes are bright, it suggests a healthy inner life. They may also represent insight or psychic awareness.  The eye can be a symbol of wisdom and clear perception of your circumstances. It can show your way of looking at things. Are the eyes happy, sad, kind, judgmental or enlightened? The nature of the eye may say a great deal about the way you perceive your circumstances. For example, a green eye may symbolise the fact that you, or someone near to you, have feelings of jealousy. If you dream of ‘the evil eye’ this can represent your super-ego, the internal censor that passes judgement on your thoughts and desires. In extreme cases, to dream of a sinister eye may indicate that you harbour feelings of paranoia.

Mystical Interpretation: Within mystical traditions, eyes are considered to by a symbol of higher consciousness. It is believed that we have a ‘third eye’ just above the eyebrows in the centre of the forehead. This spiritual centre can perceive other dimensions and spiritual realities.  Directly in line with this centre, in the middle of the brain, lies the pineal gland, which releases the chemicals that may control higher consciousness. It is believed that this was once an eye that over the centuries became buried in the centre of the brain. The Tuatara lizard of New Zealand still has a vestigial eye at to the top of the head that is sensitive to light. Top


(see also Persona)

Psychological Dream Meaning: If you dream of your own face this may represent the face you show to the world as opposed to the real you. This is particularly the case if you dream of putting on make-up. The dream may also contain puns. For example, are you ‘facing up to your problems’, or should you address an enemy ‘face to face’

Mystical Interpretation: The dream oracles say that to dream of seeing your face in a mirror means that a secret will be discovered. If your face is swollen you will receive money but if it is pale there will be disappointment. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: If you subscribe to Freud’s theories, then fingers are clearly phallus symbols. Alternatively, they may represent dexterity or its opposite ineptitude i.e. ‘being all fingers and thumbs’. A finger pointing at you can imply self-blame. Alternatively, it may point to indicate a direction. In this case your dream may be solving problems for you and is suggesting what you should do. Consider what aspect of yourself or your situation the dream has pointed out and give it your attention

Mystical Interpretation: It is fortunate to dream of cutting your finger but only so long as it bleeds. And if you dream of having an extra finger you will receive an inheritance. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Hair often symbolises vanity. Long hair may signify virility or male sexuality. Dreams of going bald may indicate fears about loss of self-esteem or, according to Freud, fear of castration and impotency. Dreams about losing hair can also express your worries about getting older. Similarly, a strong beard can stand for vitality, while a white one can signify age or wisdom. To dream of having your haircut may indicate that you are, like Samson, experiencing a loss of strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. To shave off the hair on the head symbolises renunciation of the earthly life in order to seek spiritual truth. If your hair is being styled or set then your dream is highlighting your worries about your self-image. Hair blown by the wind or flowing free indicates you may need the freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You want to ‘let your hair down’ and ‘hang loose’.

Mystical Interpretation: The cutting of hair can represent conformity. In the past, it was commonplace to cut the hair of convicts, soldiers and schoolboys. When the Beatles grew long hair long in the 60’s, it was an unconscious symbol that expressed the rebellion of a generation. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Hands can represent dexterity, artistic ability or psychological skills. We also use them to express ourselves and as extensions of our personality. A fist may represent anger or passion, folded hands can represent acceptance, joined hands can represent affection and an upheld hand symbolises a blessing. Consider the gesture of the hands in your dream for it reveals the nature of the sentiments you are trying to express.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of the palm, you may be thinking about the future. Palmistry claims that the shape, lines and mounts of the palm reveal our destiny. Your dream may be revealing a potential future scenario based upon your current circumstances. Fortunately we have free will, so positive actions taken now will influence the shape of things to come for the better. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: A head may symbolise rationality and the intellect. It is the conscious self. There may also be puns in the dream such as ‘keeping ahead of the game’ or facing your situation’ head on’. Perhaps you are being a ‘big head?’ In addition, the dream may be a metaphor to express what is going on in your head at the moment.

Mystical Interpretation: It is a sign of good news if you dream that your head is very large say the seers of old. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: The heart represents the centre of emotional life. It is an archetypal symbol for love that has been with us since time immemorial. Your dream is describing your emotional life and the way that you are currently dealing with your feelings. If the heart is damaged, being operated on, or wounded, then you may be experiencing an emotional hurt of some kind. Examine the rest of the dream’s content to see if it reveals ways to repair the emotional damage that you feel. Alternatively, if the heart is pictured in a more positive setting, then your dream is saying that you feel good about your emotional life. Dare you admit that you may have fallen in love?

Mystical Interpretation: “If you observe well, your own heart will answer.” De Lubicz. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Legs represent our ability to progress. If they are strong it shows your self-confidence but if they are weak you may feel emotionally unsteady at the moment.

Mystical Interpretation: According to dream lore, if you dream of having a wooden leg you will have many new worries. Fortunately, this is a very rare dream. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreams often express sexual feelings that society would never permit in reality. Sometimes these instincts are repressed or pushed out of conscious awareness. In dreams, our primal instincts and desires (the id) try to communicate with the conscious ego. Freud tells us that this communication is censored by the super-ego, our moral principle. The result is that the sexual messages from the unconscious come through to the conscious mind in the disguised form of symbols.  Phallus symbols can include anything long and straight that may resemble the male penis. 

Mystical Interpretation: To many races and tribes, the phallus is their primary symbol of worship. Ancient cave paintings of the human reproductive organs have been found in countries as far apart as Senegal and Niger, Australia, France, China, Japan and India. It is proof of the power of this symbol. For example, the Romans used phallic charms to ward off evil spirits and their god Priapus was depicted as a huge phallus with a human face. The Toltecs and Aztecs from Mexico worshiped a winged snake and the Hindus still worship Shiva as a phallic emblem. The favourite god in Chinese homes is Shou-lao, the god of longevity. He is normally depicted with an enormous bald head that resembles a phallus. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Skin is the outward part of ourselves. Your dream may be saying something about the way you present yourself to others. A skin rash may be a play on words to indicate that you are making a rash decision. Or it may simply highlight your worries about your physical appearance.  Perhaps you do not like to show your emotions. Are you thick skinned?

Mystical Meaning: The Baluchi women of Oman believe that to dream of pale skin indicates that a person will receive many jewels. Top


(see also bones)

Psychological Dream Meaning: The psychologist Carl Jung decided to become a psychologist after dreaming of discovering a skull in a deep cellar under his house. The skull represented his desire to probe the secrets of the mind. To dream of a skull may also be a symbol of mortality and your spiritual contemplation of the meaning of life and death. It may also refer to finality and the things in life that cannot be avoided.

Mystical Meaning: To the gypsies a scull represents wisdom derived from their ancestors. To drink from a skull means sharing in their wisdom. In Ireland, it can be a symbol of truth for it is believed that if a man takes an oath on a skull but is lying as does, he will die soon after. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: You may wish to be rid of something that is part of yourself. Perhaps you feel the need for inner cleansing and spiritual healing. Spiting may represent anger and contempt.

Mystical Meaning: Superstitious people agree that if you have a bad dream you can rid yourself of any bad luck by simply spitting three times as soon as you wake up. Please note: This technique can also cause problems in relationships. Top


I dreamed that my teeth were falling out. In real life, my teeth are perfectly all right even though I’m 39 years old. Why should I have this dream? Katie P- New Orleans

Psychological Dream Meaning: Dreaming of teeth falling out may represent insecurity. These dreams often occur at a time of transition between one phase of life and another. When we lost our milk teeth, we also gradually lost our childhood innocence. Loosing your teeth therefore show that today you have similar feelings of uncertainty and self-consciousness as you did in childhood. The dream could also highlight your worries about getting older or your sexual attractiveness.

Animal teeth may represent aggressiveness and false teeth may represent concern about your self-image. The dream could also be triggered by subtle toothache that you are not yet consciously aware of.


  1. Do I feel insecure because I’m starting a new phase of life? Katie’s dream may highlight her worries about soon reaching 40.
  2. Am I facing reality? Dreams about loosing teeth may represent a retreat to the innocent times when you were a toothless baby and dependent for nourishment on your mother’s milk.

Mystical Interpretation: The Nilotes of the Sudan believe that if a woman has a toothy grin it is a bad omen. It symbolises the mouth of a wild animal that will frighten the cattle and superstitious lore insists that maidens with a wide smile be made beautiful by having their front teeth removed. An African witchdoctor would therefore interpret dreams about losing teeth as a sign of prosperity.  Top

See also losing teeth


Psychological Dream Meaning: A tongue may represent the things you say. You may need to express yourself or may have already said too much. Perhaps you’ve been saying something ‘tongue in cheek’? As the tongue plays a part in the sexual act, your dream may be saying something about this area of your life.

Mystical Interpretation: If you dream of your own tongue, you will tell lies. If you see another person’s tongue, they will lie about you. An infected tongue means careless talk. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Urine may represent the feelings that you reject. You are trying to cleanse yourself of the things that you consider unworthy. However, dreams of urinating are usually caused by a full bladder. They have little symbolic significance- you should have gone before you went to bed.

Mystical Interpretation: Urine has for centuries been regarded as a protection against ghosts and evil spirits. Also it was believed that if a girl urinates in a man’s shoes he will fall madly in love with her. Clearly, these interpretations are of great significance when interpreting you dream. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: This dream may be an expression of your desire to be rid of feelings that cause you upset. It may be that you ‘can’t stomach’ a situation or feel ‘sick and tired’ about the way someone has been behaving. In some cases, this dream may represent a feeling of self-disgust. For example, you may be so repulsed by something that it makes you want to vomit. You need to quickly get to the heart of these extreme feelings.

Mystical Interpretation: ‘To dream of vomiting, say the ancient lost texts, shows that ye poor shall profit from the rich man’s loss. Top


Psychological Dream Meaning: Psychiatrists have suggested that a dream of returning to the womb may represent a deep need for security. It is the ultimate protective love of the mother. Womb symbols may occur in dreams as caves, rooms or confined, yet protected spaces. It is a retreat from life’s problems.

Mystical Interpretation: In the mystical teachings of Kundalini yoga the “green womb” is a name for Ishvara (Shiva) emerging from his latent condition. This dream may therefore be deeply spiritual showing awakening higher consciousness. Top

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