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Dream Interpretation by Theme

Now you have looked up the specific meaning for your dream the next step is to look for underlying themes that the dream may contain. By looking at these other symbols it will help you to establish exactly what the dream is saying about you and your emotions. Look for the closest theme to the dream you have had to find associated symbols and explanations:

The Interpretation Of Dreams

Dream InterpDream interpretation is an ancient art that been with us since archaic times. It is an activity that has been part of all cultures from the most primitive to the most advanced and to this day dreams continue to intrigue us. Even now nobody knows for certain why we dream and what dreams may mean. Many scientists believe that dreams a re simply a function of the brain: a sorting procedure that runs when the conscious mind is inactive. A bit like a computer programme that continues to run in the background even after you have finished. Dreams some say are the brain's way of stopping the emotions from overheating.

Yet from ancient times people have believed that dreams are more than mental clatter. They believe that dreams have a hidden meaning that if unravelled can reveal the will of the gods. People such as Freud and Jung believed that dreams reveal things about ourselves that are hidden from the conscious mind - in a part of us they call the unconscious mind.

On this site we have brought together interpretations from the ancient world with more modern psychological interpretations of dreams. You will read many articles but also can look up the individual meanings of your dreams to get some answers to the things that may be troubling you. By understanding our dreams we are able to discover what it really is that motivates us and start yo find ways to address situations that in daily life we may be trying to avoid. In addition dreams will give us insights into our childhood and past as well as show us a better way to future happiness.

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