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Yucky Nightmare

QuestionI really hope that you can interpret a very disturbing, recurring dream that I have been having.

It begins with me coughing. I cough and cough but nothing comes up so I put my hand right down my throat and pull out a stream of yards and yards of phlegm.

Three weeks ago the dream got even worse: I actually pulled my insides out!! I know that it sounds disgusting but it was VERY disturbing. In the dream, I tried frantically to push them back where they had come from.

Please could you give me an explanation for this, I have been trying to relate it to something that has happened in my life but I can't think of anything remotely connected. I am quite embarrassed and disgusted by this dream.

Jane R.

QuestionYour dream is caused by deep rooted fears in your subconscious. You are literally tearing yourself apart and blaming yourself. The phlegm, that you pull out, represents a desire for self cleansing.

Be positive and let the past go. Remember it's not where you've come from or what you've done that matters; it's where you're going to that counts.

Rest assured that we don't sense any internal illness with you or in the near future.


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