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Please Explain my Death Dream

Before my holiday I kept dreaming of my husband who died thirteen years ago. He was in a joyful mood with a wide happy smile across his face. But something was odd: he wore a ridiculous bright green blazer with light grey flannels. I just couldn't understand why in my dream he dressed with such bad taste.

The day we went on holiday my friend and I were sitting in the coach waiting for the driver. Can you imagine my amazement when he arrived wearing the exact same bright green jacked and light grey flannels that I saw in my dream. I nearly collapsed.

Mrs Kelly S

QuestionThe dream was either a coincidence, a precognition of the future or your 'dead' husband spoke to you in a dream. J W Dunne pointed out in his theory of serialism that dreams of the future contain both real and symbolic references.

Your husband may symbolically represent the pleasure you anticipate for the future. However I believe that he actually met you in your dream. He wanted to encourage you to enjoy your holiday and was pleased that you are happy.

The insight about the green jacket proved that the dream was more than symbolic.

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