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Dream About Alchemy


QuestionCan you help me understand a strange but vivid dream? I was standing looking out of my kitchen window at a beautiful starry night. I noticed two planets side by side in the sky- one being the moon and the other Saturn. To my astonishment they floated down from the sky and hovered in front of my window. Then they came together and disappeared into a million tiny particles and I was filled with a feeling of exhilaration.

Anne A

QuestionThe unconscious draws on very ancient imagery and curiously your symbols are very similar to those found in the writings of the alchemists. Alchemy was a quest for inner perfection symbolised by gold and analytical psychologists believe that the same symbols recur today in dreams.

In simple terms the two planets (a circle represents wholeness) symbolise two aspects of your inner self:The moon is your feminine intuitive nature and Saturn is your thinking nature. The spiritual message is that by combining your intuition with your intelligence you will achieve a great energy and be capable of many things.


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