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Dream Pun


QuestionMy mother and I had a pact. Whoever died first would try to communicate with the other. Soon after mother died I had a remarkable dream that was so clear and vivid. The front door bell rang and I opened it. There stood mother looking radiant. She had a white suitcase beside her. She hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and said that it was time to go. I awoke confused: I knew she was dead but part of me knew that really she wasn't. Do you think mother communicate with me?

Dawn O

QuestionThe white suitcase may be a dream pun. Your mother's bags were packed (pact).

We certainly believe that our spirit friends can communicate through dreams. Your mother fulfilled her pact.

FREUDIAN PUNS: Freud notes that dreams often employ puns and turns of speech. He believed that they were disgised references to hidden sexual wishes. Puns in dreams can be visual or verbal. The psychologist Ann Faraday in her book "The Dream Game" argues that puns are simply idle associations. The humour of a Pun may be a way of sweetening difficult truths so as to get a reluctant conscious mind to pay attention.


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