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Dream About Drowning at Sea


QuestionOne night I had a very vivid dream about a vast expanse of water. It was as if I was floating above and slowly descended into a giant whirlpool. Spinning around was debris and a man obviously distressed and crying for help. My feelings were of fear, panic, suffocation and helplessness. As I was sucked deeper into the water I could see the man's face. It was me! I awoke from the nightmare in a very frightened state.

The next day my uncle received bad news about his brother who was a merchant seaman. His brother had fallen overboard off the coast of South Africa. His body had not been found and he was presumed drowned.

Terry F

QuestionSometimes dreams of drowning are symbolic of being overwhelmed by your emotions or circumstances. It was your face that you saw and not your uncle's brother.

However, to receive the unusual news about a drowning the very next day suggests that your dream was a clairvoyant glimpse of real events.

I often dream of things happening to myself that later unfold in other people's lives.

FILE No: 29.3.96WN16/002

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