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Dreams About Travel


QuestionI am so pleased to have the chance of having a dream explained to me. These dreams have been happening for about two years: I am either waiting for a bus and not sure which one to take or ridding on a bus and being late. Sometimes I can't get off and at other times I take several buses. I have been suffering badly with my nerves but, with the support of my husband, I am beginning to feel a lot better.

Pearl D

QuestionYour dreams are reflecting your anxieties. The bus probably symbolises the direction in which your life is going. Waiting for a bus may represent a sense of frustration that you're not getting anywhere; getting the wrong bus may imply you're life is going in the wrong direction and constantly changing buses indicates that you can't make up your mind which way to go. Sometimes you have felt that you just want to give up and not make a decision at all.ie just get off.

Clearly the last two years have been a difficult time. There have been hard decisions made and now ,at last, you are getting close to your destination. You must decide once and for all what you really want from life and have the courage to go for it.- You know that your husband will support you in whatever you decide to do. I sense that things will get better soon.


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