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Dreams About Snakes

My Dream of a Snake-pit

So many of my dreams seem to feature black snakes in snake-pits. Sometimes the snakes are frightening but at other times they shine with light. I have been in hospital recently and I wonder if the snakes in my dreams represent something to do with my illness.

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Ruby N

Dreams are full of symbols. The snake in Christian imagery emphasises the dark side, casting the serpent, the evil tempter in the Garden of Eden, as a spiritual threat; but many cultures worshipped the snake and some Indian yogis revere the serpent as a spiritual guide.

The Greeks attributed healing powers to the snake a belief preserved in the caduceus, the snake-entwined staff symbolising the medical profession. The frightening snakes in your dream represent the onset of your illness but the snakes that shine with light symbolise your return to good health.

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