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Dreams About Searching


QuestionMy grandmother was very upset when she lost her favourite broach. The whole family searched every square inch of her house but found nothing.

I was still worrying about gran when I went to bed that evening. I dreamed that I was in grandmother's garden on a bright sunny day. Something glistened under the willow tree. I ran to look and, with a cry of joy, realised that I had found the lost broach.

When I awoke I went straight round to take a look. There, under the willow tree, was the broach glistening in the morning sunshine.

Debbie M

QuestionWhen we sleep our dreams try to resolve difficulties and problems from the day before. Important scientific theories, such as the ring structure of benzene, have been formulated because of the inspiration of a dream.

Your subconscious may have reasoned that the willow tree was the right place to look or it may have 'seen' the broach through clairvoyance.

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