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Dream About A Gorilla


QuestionI am 49 years old and ever since I was a child I've had the same recurring dream. I am sitting in class at school and this huge gorilla comes into the classroom. We all scream with fright as it carries off one off my classmates. But there's an even more sinister side to this dream. Every time I have had this nightmare someone I know has died shortly afterwards. Can you please help explain it?

Margaret C

QuestionSuperstition says that to dream of this frightening big ape portents a painful misunderstanding unless the animal is friendly in which case it forecasts an unusual new friendship. Your dream seems to indicate a fear of something unpleasant entering your life.

If the dream occurs when you already know that someone is seriously ill it probably symbolises your fears for them. If a totally unexpected deaths have always followed the dream then it may be a premonition.


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