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Dreams About Football


QuestionI was always close to my late grandmother who was a very psychic lady. One night in 1947 I saw her in a dream. She was riding with the Manchester United football team and sat next to a smiling Mat Busby, in a open top bus. "We've won the cup she shouted". I saw the bus again with throngs of people cheering as it headed off down Market Street.

For no apparent reason I felt terribly depressed the next day and the dream kept flashing through my mind. My friends at work became worried about me and I told them how I hadn't been able to shake off my depression since my dream. They suggested that I write to Matt Busby and tell him about it. I did and my depression lifted instantly.

At that time Manchester United had no hope of winning the cup and an astonished Matt Busby wrote back to me saying that if they did win then he'd send me some first class tickets for the final.

He remembered my dream and kept his word. I had one of the best seats at Wembley when Manchester United won in 1948. And I also saw the triumphant team drive down Market Street in an open top bus- exactly as in my dream.

Mr J C- Liss, Hampshire.

QuestionBecause you knew your grandmother to be psychic her appearance in your dream is a symbol to say that this was a dream of the future.

It could also be true that your grandmother's spirit was telling you the information.

I am aware that she was Manchester United's number one fan.

File No: 10.5.97WN058/03

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