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Dreams About Falling

What Do Dreams About Falling Mean?

QuestionFor the past few months I've had the same dream. I am in an airplane that I know is going to crash and it always ends up in difficulty. I always end up falling through the air towards the ground below. It can be very frightening.

John S

QuestionAlmost everyone has at some time had the alarming dream of falling from a great height. Some say that it is triggered by a dip in blood pressure, movement of the fluid in the middle ear, or a limb dangling off the bed.

It has even been suggested that fears of falling are instinctive echoes from early in man's evolution when we used to live in trees. Persistent dreams of this nature may be a metaphor for loss of emotional equilibrium.

You need to unwind before you go to bed. Programme your subconscious, before retiring, by listening to gentle music and visualising tranquil scenes


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