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Dream Déjà Vu Proves True

QuestionI dreamed that I was out for the day with my friend when we passed this eyrie medieval house. I asked her what it was called and she replied 'Gainsborough and the house has been used in a spooky film.'

We then walked down a street. There were shops to our right and in front of me I could see the sea. A mist rolled over it and filled the streets so that I could hardly see ahead. Then we were on a beach and I became worried because the tide was coming in so quickly that we could easily get stranded.

The next day I looked up Gainsborough in my Reader's Digest Guide. In the centre of the town is a large medieval building that looked exactly as in my dream. Also Gainsborough is on the river Trent and has a fast tide that comes in twice a day that often brings with it fog.

I have only been to Lincolnshire once and never to Gainsborough. Why on earth should I dream of it?

Mrs Betty O- Strood, Nr Rochester, Kent.

QuestionI know exactly how a strange dream like this makes you feel.

All my life I have dreamed of a small fishing port. If I have the dream I try to make notes when I awake and have managed to draw a complete map of the town. I have no idea where it is but I'm sure one day I will find it.

Our dreams may forecast events in the future or could even be memories from a past life.

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